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China and Taiwan face typhoon

Saturday, Jul 13, 2013 - 01:47

July 13 - China and Taiwan face Typhoon Soulik as toll of dead and missing from flooding in China tops 200. Paul Chapman reports.

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PLEASE NOTE: EDIT CONTAINS CONVERTED 4:3 MATERIAL At least 200 people are now dead or missing after a week of flooding across a wide area of China. By Friday At least 26 people had lost their lives in Sichuan province in the south-west. The China News Service said some 166 others were missing. Roads and homes have been swept away by flood waters and landslides. Amateur video shows the devastating power of one landslide in Anxian county. Ten people are still missing including a local government worker co-ordinating disaster monitoring. His wife described the scene. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) ZHAO XINGCUI, WIFE OF MAN KILLED BY LANDSLIDE, SAYING: "It sounded like thunder. I jumped out of bed and looked outside, and saw the landslide coming towards us." Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes. Some were helped to safety by rescue teams using makeshift bridges. In the north-western province of Shaanxi another 20 lives have been lost in the past week. Emergency workers are digging through the mud and debris to find the victims of another landslide. China's preparing for more bad weather with the anticipated arrival of Typhoon Soulik on the east coast. It's already hit Taiwan where parts of Taipei were flooded on Saturday. Rescue workers helped residents in some low-lying areas to escape their flooded homes. At least one person's been killed - a police officer hit by a falling brick on his way home from work. Soulik is currently rated a category 1 typhoon on a scale of five. It was expected to weaken into a tropical storm over the weekend, according to the Tropical Storm Risk website.

China and Taiwan face typhoon

Saturday, Jul 13, 2013 - 01:47

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