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Europe Day Ahead: Germany's ZEW -- alles gut?

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 02:23

July 15 - Watch out to see if Germany can maintain improving confidence for the third straight month on Tuesday as the July ZEW is released. Plus UK and euro zone inflation data.

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We get the latest snapshot of German investor sentiment on choose date -- -- W indexing rising slightly to -- nine point six that would mean three straight months of improving confidence. Suggesting it was loud the economy is back on track. CI ABC's head of FX strategy Jeremy stretch says the main driver of confidence as an easy monetary stance from the European Central Bank. Any. Positive surprises I think will be real at a relatively. Glossed over and ignored nothing Markus Wolf really focus on the fact that activity and sentiment says -- in Germany. Remains on the some degree of stress and I think killed requires. Ongoing easing monetary policy as far as that you open is undermined his consent. Soft inflation will help keep the ECB biased towards easing in some form and get the final reading of -- on inflation for June. It's expected to hold steady at one point six cents euros on trade debts are also -- Tuesday. Economists polled by votes of expect a surplus of eleven point eight billion euros from -- passed down from fourteen point nine billion in April. Tuesday's heavy day for UK economic -- also inflation see and I think -- a 3% annual rate in June that's up from two point 7% in May. Now we take it to the upper limit of the Bank of England's 123%. Target -- Retail price inflation also expected to accelerate to 3.4 percent engine from three point one. But just a price is in the UK also expected to rise in June 21 point 9% from one point 2% in May. On the corporate fronts mining giant Rio Tinto expected to release the -- full cast Q2 final output figures on Tuesday. Heavy -- and Western Australia has slowed operations stalling production. Analysts CBOs output due to rising 9% from the previous quotes -- 252 point seven million tons. But the company might be forced to -- this calendar of 2013 production guidance of 265. Million tons. Under and then Swedish -- banking groups led by second quarter operating profit -- -- -- one point 3% on a yearly basis. Coming at four point six billion crimes that 676. Million dollars. -- a look ahead to Tuesday's key events and seemingly gave up. This is going to.

Europe Day Ahead: Germany's ZEW -- alles gut?

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 02:23

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