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Breakingviews: Banks dodge bullet with US-Europe swap deal

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 04:07

July 15 - Financial derivatives still pose a potential risk to market stability. But a transatlantic deal on clearing swaps contracts should reduce the chances of another AIG, says Breakingview’s Chris Hughes.

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A focus on during the pens are helping breaking views me -- I just step breakfast this morning. And also I will also be taking a quick look at what -- -- of Jenin company ground means for the private equity industry -- -- now told others to stories. Is breaking views and me and it's at Christie's. Chris this new deal between America and Europe for these derivatives industry. -- -- -- -- -- X or is -- derivatives for breakfast today quote healthy way to stop him. I'm fit has. Nobody thought -- I guess but the is good news for. European -- because. That war since leaving threats of regulation was who the man. It's. And in that and then not so. If bank in Europe is bruised. Do you have to riveted to you know -- -- -- US current policy. Every aspect of that you have to us that he goes through. The US and the wiry. In Europe with this would put. -- -- that this the Thong tasted more costly for them to you. On the business with would drift away drift westward -- -- announced an agreement. Between the US and you -- regulations which essentially. The key is European. The European derivatives business for this kind of relief and this is that they would just gonna. Let things. Desist for the time for the time being. There isn't going to be. Florida west -- this -- -- those -- you the indirectly. Forceful way. And presumably this is -- marked improvement from what we had before I mean we bot will this prevent. Feature AIG Billups. Yeah that's been caught a lot of progress. In the territory relations -- has been. Energy as you say. Was able to build up massive positions them in London -- injury. During the crisis and and it's that kind of it is offshore regulation arbitrage that. That the labels that causes -- that -- come down -- we haven't arrived yet. A definitive. Derivative global regulate free frameworks. And I think -- -- and say OK good well that's safe but I think we have made progress but we. Great and fabulous story focusing on as well as the a growing historian assuming sale of this gentlemen. Hot and often Fitch does make a more day. A much bigger story than the fact that it's going to be one of the biggest deals involving private equity in Europe this yet. What happens look -- but if he is and you know private equity in them that was really really. Tricky mix in their products in terms of being cold. Let because it's the political. Act classic -- the vine -- was he needs. -- you -- have to grow it's pretty good example of what private equity can do. That that is good for businesses this grows then. Pretty good success story is that in -- it performance has been improved. On the par on the public -- -- now the focus tonight is that the the valuations. The -- valuation. For growth and now in its potential sale looks quite. Talk -- loss. Both the bonus because -- if it if it sells -- Hasn't its own poll to -- of what part of it to contend with a pretty good about. Keep and I am glad thanks very much Chris Christie is that from breaking views. Full agenda assessing financial insight to what to US breaking each and every day at twelve that's Easton. Seventeen says he BST. I'm Angie and long this is -- since.

Breakingviews: Banks dodge bullet with US-Europe swap deal

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 04:07

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