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Europe Day Ahead: How did Carney vote?

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 02:45

July 16 - The Bank of England publishes minutes from Mark Carney’s first meeting, while investors wait anxiously for Ben Bernanke to give further guidance on tapering QE. Plus Novartis & BHP earnings.

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The Bank of England publishes the minutes from mom Connie it's fascinating this Wednesday. Market is waiting to see how the new covenant presidents you meet. Rather banks young Hambrecht says they -- huge positive economic date their reasoning makes it unlikely. Connie will follow his predecessor Manning king and -- the fattest imminent this year. That is a little bit to come from mr. -- if you wanted to sell some Q -- -- that's good data. Has few -- that a little bit I think tomorrow is really go to Washington's very very closely. From very simple reason is the first meeting on the calling it these minutes are reporting on and that alone will make too much really really closely. European markets will also be focus on US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and gives his semi annual economic and policy testimony on Capitol Hill. Everyone watching -- -- guidance on his position on the beginning of the end of you eat. But other banks and Don Lambert says there's a big distinction between tapering an element of enticing. The difficulty here is the -- of -- maybe tinkering a bit. The fact is that if you look at the issuance of problem -- US look at that this shrinking deficits. There's a whole lot last couple of well being issues so the -- is still buying quite heavily. Into a small up born -- still haven't quite hit a big impact the markets are overly worried careful. UK jobless Vegas act out this Wednesday no change scene to the unemployment rate to seven point 8% but the claimant count. It's expected to full by 8000. Not surprised they -- the -- counts fell by 8600. In May. The seventh consecutive bowl. And extinct tell -- goes to market with four billion euros weapons -- -- this Wednesday. The -- every index this Tuesday showed investor sentiment unexpectedly west and in July. And it's kind of prime minister and reconnect -- in London to meet his British counterpart David Cameron. Anything will be important as -- seeks to get a sneak on inside in his plan to renegotiate Britain's relationship. With the European heating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cool thanks for the second quarter down two point 9% on a yearly basis. Miner BHP person -- -- -- second quarter results to opt Shing in warning. Heavy rains and Western Australia Oslo England and it's I annual production the rivalry at ten tech beat expectations today. SNL also reporting -- to Vegas on Wednesday the world's biggest chip DNA can reiterate that it's only a sales outlook back in April and that's a look ahead to Wednesday's events -- and -- all. This is going to.

Europe Day Ahead: How did Carney vote?

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 02:45

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