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“Apocalyptic” scene at Canadian train crash site

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 01:29

A Reuters reporter was part of a small group of journalists Tuesday who were allowed the closest access yet to the disaster site in a small Quebec town where a train exploded, killing 50 people. Reuters correspondent Phil Wahba describes the scene as apocalyptic.

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Date for the -- time -- the back police broad group of reporters. To give -- the closest access yet to the disaster site. We didn't get -- -- them what you thought crime scene but we were allowed within the perimeter other part of it kind of cut off from the general public. And we were able to get unobstructed views of the structure. It was an apocalyptic theme are worked and what can be imagined when -- -- or in pictures. You saw three story high heat. Train cars that -- completely burnt to a credit. The wait a bit. Sort of created the ground underneath that -- in the foreground -- Tree that was completely black and I'm with -- leave. 80% of black -- -- treaty downtown got destroyed and the plot. Street lamp Mel said and the rocks look like -- the charcoal and barbecue -- you know completely blackened but also. -- -- -- -- They -- -- cleared out one million liters of oil in the lake but that's a big contamination job to do there's also a lot of oil that's. Still in the cards that derailed and -- After they're done retrieving bodies. And they have to finished clearing up the oil and decontaminated. And then think about rebuilding though some differences here on the they don't expect to happen out on court or at least two years.

“Apocalyptic” scene at Canadian train crash site

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 01:29

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