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Techquity: Apple may hop over Dish, Facebook's new friend

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 03:29

July 16 - Apple reportedly considers ad-skipping service like Dish while Facebook picks up a buy rating.

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And that's TV networks got paid every time you get -- -- about watching report showing your TV. That would be disrupted an invasion and apple is reportedly working on such a service. Tech writer Jessica alive and on her website that apple hostile media executives about this premium product in recent conversations. Consumers already -- -- DVR but don't get anything in return except headaches. TV broadcasters to DISH Network would introduce the -- hot DVR last year. It's not clear how apple would compensate broadcasters. How much the -- though are fine at Apple's trying to bring a more sophisticated. TV to market. Separately apple is reportedly in talks with prime sent about buying the company for 280 million dollars. Israeli firm's technology kid's digital devices the ability did you seen in 3-D. This technology was used in Microsoft's Xbox -- shares are roughly flat today near 428. Dollars. FaceBook will reward the long term investor. That's the view of suntrust Robinson Humphrey which started coverage with a buy rating. It like the management team of Mark Zuckerberg and company and things recently launched products like FaceBook -- and Iraq surge could significantly boost the bottom line. Analyst Robert facts as we think based Butler made one of the four horsemen of the Internet. Along with -- Google Amazon and apple and be a lot over the Internet for the foreseeable future. If you -- -- climbing to 32 dollars but investors will have to be patient. That's its target eighteen months from now at the end of 2014. Google also receiving praise Raymond James and raising its price target to a 1030 dollars from 875. It expects a solid quarter when global reports after the closing bell Thursday. Shares down 1% today. Baidu China's top search engine is boosting its all about presents. It's by App Store in 91 wireless for almost twelve billion dollars. -- apps are more popular than mobile's web sites in China because Internet and download speeds are still slow. The deal follows by his announcement in May that it would by the online video business at peak yet net TV for 370 million dollars. US listed shares up more than 4% today there -- roughly flat so far in 2013. Sorry and sputtering time another Chinese Internet company that scared today. And you mall lot which specializes in -- about Internet services raised its second quarter revenue forecast to more than forty million dollars from 38 and a half. Shares up nearly 4%. Firing -- is go go it provides the Internet service you can surf the web on airplanes. Most of the brokerages that helped prepare the company's recent IPO are starting the stock would fire ratings today. But not lead underwriter Morgan Stanley starting -- -- equal way. It thinks technology limitations and increasing competition will stunt growth shares down 6%. That's equity this Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at RTR -- -- I'm such an -- that this is writers.

Techquity: Apple may hop over Dish, Facebook's new friend

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013 - 03:29

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