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U.S. Morning Call: Goldman Sachs profit doubles from trading

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 03:23

July 16 - Goldman Sachs's quarterly profit doubled as the bank made more money trading bonds before an interest-rate spike hit markets in June.

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The banks have reported are backing in a big day and Goldman Sachs is keeping the trend going. The bank strongly beating on earnings and revenue in the second quarter. Revenue from fixed income currency and commodities was up 12%. Equities trading up 9%. Shares -- 24% this year there trading about a dollar higher in the premarket. Seventeen -- played Marissa Mayer marks her first anniversary as Yahoo!'s CEO. Repaired to its results after the bell we are yet to see the benefits of her shopping spree. During which she -- startups like Tumblr for more than one billion dollars. Under may -- -- the stock has soared 70%. Have you with turner and everything to do without mistakes now. Yahoo! still owns 24% of the company which is scary to go public this year. Expectations for today's -- low Yahoo!'s share of the digital ad market is expected to shrink. Its revenue last year lag behind peers at four and a half billion dollars. Think like the web site just isn't getting as much traction as its charismatic leader. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal only 16% of iPhone users clicked on Yahoo! made act in June. Compared that to rivals FaceBook and Google. Coca-Cola results due out before the bell. The recent global slowdown could mean flat earnings nearly half of -- revenue and 75% of its profit comes from outside North America. And that could be cause for concern. Features that typically trading near 41 dollars in the premarket. And Johnson & Johnson stock up 30% year to date. It's closing price on Monday ninety dollars the company has reported a profit for the last eight quarters and this one's probably going to keep the winning streak alive. Sales of new prescription drugs like it's one for prostate cancer are likely to boost earnings. Why why international has big plans for Smithfield and it plans to lift the combined company in Hong Kong after the takeover. That is exclusively told Reuters that the IPO would be valued at around four billion dollars. Bennett -- to a Hong Kong listing. It would offer and I exit the -- one way PE investors when they decide to sell. And it merged group would trade in a market that would placing high valuation on the stock and the US or other changes. And keeping an -- up this morning Dow S&P and NASDAQ futures are pointing to a higher open. -- -- -- -- for most investors were running as fast as they could from treasurys Pimco total return fund increased its holdings in treasury securities and mortgages. Founder Bill -- telling his Twitter followers that the -- short term borrowing rate set by the Fed is quote the key to value. And on the macro front US consumer prices are expected to rise in June as prices at the -- pushed higher. That's your Tuesday morning column over to follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get work at not slash. --

U.S. Morning Call: Goldman Sachs profit doubles from trading

Monday, Jul 15, 2013 - 03:23

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