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Techquity: Microsoft needs activist shareholders: analyst

Friday, Jul 19, 2013 - 03:42

July 19 - Microsoft would benefit from shareholders getting more involved in company. Plus, analysis on Google's results.

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Down but not out at least that's if you Google analysts. Some disappointment yes but. Nothing more than minor concerns after the company's net sales and profit forecasts investors getting less negative as well. Google shares fell 5% in the first few minutes of trading today but it cut their losses and there is gone on. Down close to 2% now. The price of Google's online ads fell 6% year over year while losses at Motorola divisions widened. But overall law and that -- Dan Klein 23%. This is Google has implemented enhanced campaign's. Advertising platform design help marketers reach customers on mobile as well desktop devices. Some think it might not provide the pricing was expected but others think you'll benefit the company long term. But to gauge the reaction -- overall we -- -- up the price target changes of Wallin. Eight cut their target for raised the total move just five bucks down on a stock currently near 900 bucks. That's less than 1%. Shares are up close to 30% this year. -- just when investors seem to body into Microsoft's strategy of pushing services and enterprise side of the business. The south Georgia jolted them with what one analyst called the biggest earnings -- in the company's history. And influential analyst Rick Sherlund Nomura says shareholder activism may be the solution. He argues that CEO -- bombers recently announced reorganization plan does not fix the weakness. It faces and tablets and Smartphones especially lighter than 900 million dollar write off sports surface RT tablet. You may recall that Microsoft got a big boost when activist investor value act capital bought a two billion dollar stake accurately April. That investment has since grown 19%. Before plunging today. -- -- it said then that Microsoft should make office more widely available outside windows. Sherlund things value -- go further and seek a seat on Microsoft's board a move he says would boost the stock price. He says Microsoft considers selling off its money losing businesses in search with being in video games with Xbox. CEO Steve Ballmer has been dashboards leadership which previously included a call to step down by activist investor David Einhorn. You'll also criticized for its failed attempt by Yahoo! five years ago. -- -- Is looking a lot more reasonable today. Yahoo!'s stock he has risen nearly 50% this year at north of 29 dollars. Just two dollars short of the 31 dollars and Microsoft had offered for the company. Apple beefing up its location based services the company confirming a block all things digital that it bought location there. The Canadian start organizes data on local businesses from mobile and web content and navigation apps. Basically it helps -- appear in search results and on maps and make sure they are -- you think they are. One change the company will not have to make concerns at -- location which it shows on Google map. Here's an apple down 1% today. Story and sputtering time our look at movers soaring as -- young minorities side buying restaurant reservations sightseeing me. For nearly thirteen million dollars shares up 5%. And sputtering off of that news Opentable. Which will now face more competition. Its shares down 6%. And that's tech woody that's Friday whenever you can follow us on Twitter at parts of the artist and -- red hot -- on this.

Techquity: Microsoft needs activist shareholders: analyst

Friday, Jul 19, 2013 - 03:42

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