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Techquity: Apple number to watch, no Emmy for Netflix

Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013 - 04:04

July 23 - Analysts looking for Apple to lower guidance when it reports results. We give you one number to track. Plus, Netflix disappoints but in a plot twist, investors remain calmer.

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The waiting is the hardest part. That's Tom Petty and the heart breakers but it covered Purdue investors an analyst tracking apple. Talking about the wait for quarterly numbers out today but for new products are signs of innovation. BGC partners analyst Colin Gillis put together a haiku. Waiting and waiting for the new products to lots has become painful. Analysts expecting the June quarter to hit -- if not the consensus numbers some optimistic based on the number of iphones Verizon sold last quarter. But with no sign yet of update -- low cost iPhone or new -- the September quarter is raising concerns. The current revenue estimate for a back corner is around 37 billion dollars. Many analysts expect apple expects to guide lower some projecting at least a billion dollar reduction. Shares of apple down fractionally today. Investors disappointed with subscriber growth and Netflix dot -- the stock today the company did report earnings that beat expectations. Analysts even applauded Netflix says progress in building its own contact still -- cut its rating on the stock to hold from buy. But the brokerage also raised its price target citing longer term growth prospects. So did -- other firms following the results. So what do shares falling 4% today. Well keep in mind that's pretty volatile stock. Three to 5% move up or down for this stock is child's play. But it's been wait more volatile when trading after earnings take a look at these price moves after the house for earnings reports. Taking these things into consideration. Today's reaction to the latest report is pretty muted. Then there's the video conference call Netflix streamed live perhaps something that ahead of its time. Coincidentally that the only part of Reed Hastings you could see along with everyone else on the video conference. Yahoo! tried -- -- call last week I gotta say if that weren't heavy for video earnings call I think you have to give it to Yahoo!. The theory -- -- is back at it fiscal is on another shopping spree this time by software maker's third -- for close to three billion dollars. Some analysts saying sit -- -- a little too deep into its wallet for this deal. It won't help the company bolster its network security services. Its fiscal seventh largest red faction this year. The deal works out to 69 dollars a share as north fired jumping near that level today. Fifth bush shares roughly flat. Is such thing as an ad free moment. Yesterday we told you Google is sneaking -- that email messages into your Gmail inbox the reason to drive up revenue. Now FaceBook is placing ads from walk -- gains in the notification stack up according to all things. Dropping -- into the FaceBook news feed is one thing but the notification tabbed as one of the highest areas of engagement inside FaceBook. The company may be getting aggressive in pushing content in front of you who may find -- very irritating. FaceBook that there all of testing new channels to promote games. Testing. Code for it here this day. What snacks apple slipping add on I watch sorry -- I tell you now what time it is. The 32 ad I'd be happy to. Starring and sputtering time -- is Lexmark. The -- maker beat estimates on high revenue from a services and software businesses shares up 9%. And sputtering a -- Tara semiconductor which reported sells -- profit that missed forecasts citing weakness in its notebook business. Shares down 7%. That's equity this Tuesday you could follow us on Twitter at RT our ads tech but he. I'm just were not bad it is writers.

Techquity: Apple number to watch, no Emmy for Netflix

Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013 - 04:04

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