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U.S. Morning Call: Facebook rallies into the morning

Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 - 03:30

July 25 - Shares of Facebook are up nearly 19 percent in the premarket after the company blew past estimates for mobile growth.

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Earnings are wearing you out hang in there they're not over yet before the bell there's GN. Rival Ford hit a home on Wednesday but things may not so rosy for GN. It's in the midst of overhauling about 70% of its lineup suppressing trends will be under the lights go. For all the talk about losses in -- Truck sales in the US make everything seem better. Each and still has the US government. Fifty billion dollar bail out hanging over. According to a recent research report GM's stock would have to sell it nearly 95 dollars for taxpayers to break even in an ailing company. Right now it's at 36 dollars and 14%. Is still buy it again in DC. Reporting after the bell Amazon -- competition seems to be coming from every direction. Its biggest competitor not Silicon Valley but rather China. We're -- -- raked in more revenue online sales for 2012 and eBay and Amazon combined. And speaking of EPA it recently launched an expansion of its eBay now those same day delivery service as it battles Amazon in the local in the premarket. For some good news Amazon investors are keeping their heads in the cloud where the companies still doing very well. Last quarter it's snatched a CIA contract from IBM. Amazon Web Services generate at least two million dollars at -- more than sixty million dollars annual revenue. The stock hit a record 309 dollars on July 16. And -- more than 22%. This year. Check out Mark Zuckerberg profile picture. You know what. He's laughing all the into the bank has faced the shares are trading above thirty dollars in the premarket that's 19%. Higher than yesterday's close. Money from local ads making up 41%. Of the total revenue up 30% last quarter. And that's significant because of the of the one billion FaceBook junkies who visit the site monthly. 800 million -- get there on their Smartphones and tablets. According to the company the price per click on a mobile -- growth in the quarter. That's noticeable and that's notable since Google site its revenue per click declined to be cheaper lat. Facebook's results prompted at least eight brokerages to raise their price targets. One by as much as nine dollars and hit the big news. Some of those are above 38 dollars that's a price investors haven't seen since that day based went public. In other news Chinese search giant Baidu is surging 12% premarket today. The company forecast third quarter revenue well beyond expectations. Investors now believe that the Chinese market hasn't been so competitive that -- you can't keep growing. Checking in on markets US stock futures point to a lower open today. On the Mac growth front jobless claims and durable goods data due out a little bit later analysts are looking for durable goods orders to rise one point 3% in June and a third healthy gains in Iraq. That's a Thursday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more great videos at borders dot com slash writers TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard both --

U.S. Morning Call: Facebook rallies into the morning

Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 - 03:30

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