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Nokia, Ericsson, Saab… Has Nordic big business lost its mojo?

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 02:58

July 26 - With many big names struggling or defunct, Scandinavian big business has lost some of its lustre in recent years. But might some old names be poised to bounce back, and are there overlooked sectors?

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Nokia is ailing ericsson's struggling and -- cause now just wrecking -- hey nordic stock still buying. Stacked twelve wrapped up an agent signings for the region and says states and even -- isn't -- you'll find win at. I innings and down 17% from more than expected. No struggles wholesale costs on a usual small in sales were up -- -- that the -- but some song an apple remained miles Kate's. Erickson doesn't seem much -- with a big profit miss our hopes that Tehran today. I feel all the high profile problems and the region's stocks look promising. Swiss -- campaign is among the regions mostly bust banks' capital ratio is -- -- and business is booming in the Baltic market they dominates. No -- -- my doctor says there's another area that international investors might be Internet came. Once acted out I -- tonight. You see the real estate is the kind of small sector. Bob very interesting it's -- a lot from. The low interest rates. As we've done. We also see. Good economy Soledad and that's nothing it's actually very good. So the profits in this experience it's it's good. So under valuations are -- you know as well. Not just on and all of you stocks he recommends but these Swedish real estate companies have medicine behind on -- -- at 79 and 73. That's about 100 suggesting -- -- honest intentions these stocks unlikely. Stop miles nation is operating militants in the last night he would have been bust how America. Shetland Islands on risen more than 23%. And an ounce to end. And ultimately I would -- 80% increase so much of the good news already be priced. -- Why shuffle beat big benefactors night that apple was -- lost three courses of its value during the global financial crisis. It took make up to expectations that -- -- -- that it might tight production. ODS as a -- market exposure is one thing to keep in mind too when assessing such songs. Three companies in Europe. I've really good exposure -- coming yes that is Finland Sweden and Germany. Very good explosive about jamarcus. Especially the engineering. Farms and -- -- -- and I. Building and that is from track. Pulse. Thought he did something I mean that's who knows -- in for instance in an impressive for a hundred years ago. The European recovery may remain tentative but robust home all kids and strong brands mean some -- champions. Could be sent to bounce back. And seeing all but what is. Yeah.

Nokia, Ericsson, Saab… Has Nordic big business lost its mojo?

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 02:58

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