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Techquity: Almost time for Amazon to show us the money

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 03:33

July 26 - Reuters Breakingviews Columnist Rob Cyran gives his take on Amazon's results, Samsung vs. Apple and more.

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And as I investors are focusing on the future. Over sixteen years is a public company founder Jeff is this is always made it clear he's building a business for the long run. In the really really long round. And here listening content to go along second quarter -- another example. Sales increased 20% to almost sixteen billion dollars as it sold more of everything from cat -- web services. But it Amazon lost seven million dollars and -- next quarter's losses be worse as invests heavily becoming bigger. Investors don't mind stocks actually up today. The problem is Amazon keeps on expanding and expanding but he's yet to show any ability to generate substantial profits. That may be a fun ride for -- but at some point shows are gonna start asking are we there yet and show me the money. Samsung -- electronics firm is suffering for a bit of apple lightest. Sure it's making money by selling more and more Smartphones shipped over 71 million in the last quarter according to IDC. But it's not quite a lucrative gig is at once -- Samsung's mobile division thoughts profits fall slightly at the bit alarming considering its mobile division represents about two thirds of its income. Stock fell about 1% today install. What's more there are signs it's no longer just -- two horse race. Samsung makes the dominate the mark with about a third of all Smartphone sales but the market shares slipping slightly as is Apple's. Combined they lost about five percentage points total -- share according to IDC it's firms like Sony Lenovo and elegy gain share. And dominate the Smartphone market used to be a license to print money. But handsets are becoming a boring commodity that lots of companies make that license is being revoked. -- Not rolling the dice on gambling. It dropped plans for real money games in the US that's drop the stock which is down more than 60% today but still above its 52 week low which is closer to box. -- gambling in the US would have led to regulatory challenges. New CEO Don magic -- he wants to the company back to basics with games that are free to play. Including its farm bill franchise. Metric place marks -- mark Pincus this month the Pincus retains voting control everything. Patrick has an uphill battle. Monthly active users of its games fell more than 40% in the second quarter as it tries to establish a presence outside of FaceBook. Activision Vivendi agreed to sell most of its stake in Activision Blizzard more than eight billion dollars as part of its effort to become the leader media focus group. Activision buying back the majority of its shares. Videogame publishers CEO body could take is part of a group paying more than two billion dollars for chunk of the stock. They're paying a 10% discount however it Thursday's closing price -- taking coach Karen Brian Kelly put up a hundred million dollars. With a stop at more than 28% from thirteen dollars and sixty cents they paid. They've already made more than 28 million dollars. Stocks that 5050%. Today hitting 52 week high. Also sorry today's online video game publisher Brightcove. They reported a smaller than expected quarterly loss and raised its full year revenue forecast -- is -- 14%. Sputtering as Expedia. The online travel site missed estimates as it faces increased competition -- Priceline. Shares down 25%. That's tech it's Friday you every can follow us on Twitter -- terrorist tactic. I'm her appearance and his writers.

Techquity: Almost time for Amazon to show us the money

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 03:33

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