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U.S. Week Ahead: GDP, Jobs and D-Day for Dell

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 02:29

July 26 - Economists expecting meager growth when second quarter GDP is released, but factory jobs are improving. Michael Dell tries one more time to convince shareholders to approve his buyout plan.

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Next week it's all about the Fed jobs and buy out deal that just can't seem to get done. Delayed twice already Michael Dell may have to turn up the charm by next Friday's planned on taking his company pride that. He did exactly thrilled shareholders by not offering a poultry ten cent a share increased this week. -- partners overly are demanding that shares they had not been voted on not becoming against him. Com's investor Carl Icahn who treated this week all -- well Adele is Michael and board bid farewell and he was a poet. Our -- reporters I'll be watching for any news from this special board committee prior to Friday's vote. Dell shares have fallen roughly 3% this month now about 85 cents below Michael Dell's thirteen dollars and 75 cents offer. And if you're wondering what can be bought around ten cents I hit the streets of New York City to see what I can buy with a dime. Make -- to catch on video on Reuters dot com. And it's a big week for basic data on Wednesday we get our first look at second quarter GDP. I have -- as the US economy likely expanded just seven tenths of a percent. That's a significant slowdown from Q1 and marks the third straight quarter of growth below 2%. And on Friday it's the jobs report July nonfarm payrolls are forecast to rise by 185000. That would be the smallest gain since March but. Bright spot could come from the manufacturing sector I -- looking for factory jobs to post their first gain in five months. All that got as -- for the Fed which will start its two day policy meeting on Tuesday with the future of the stimulus program on investors' radar. Forget tapering. The buzz around this who will take up the reins when Bernanke leaves town. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and current fed vice chair Janet Yellen have emerged as the top two candidates. The White House has said it has not made a final decision. And watch for earnings from sprint Comcast and the big oil companies next week be sure to watch US morning call for the latest. You can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more of our video that Reuters dot com spot -- TV I'm putting mom. -- --

U.S. Week Ahead: GDP, Jobs and D-Day for Dell

Friday, Jul 26, 2013 - 02:29

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