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Breakingviews: Facebook tops IPO price

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 03:35

July 31 - Reynolds Holding talks with Breakingviews columnists about the company’s shares finally rising above $38 and how breakthroughs in mobile advertising made that possible.

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Today FaceBook the social networking giant has pulled itself up by the bootstraps and gotten back to. Square one that's right the 38 dollar IPO price after stumbling around for. More than a year. The shares have broke the 38 dollar barrier this morning. And -- -- I mean it looks as a FaceBook is finally figured out mobile Smartphones and -- is that. Behind us -- what's gonna get a finding is they they kind of stirred fears that a year ago it was pretty obvious then they're grifters phenomenally. -- because the question or face that was OK you can get a lot of money from hasn't PC. -- ever has don't wanna pay annum on a Smartphone is too small don't want to click on it and it it and then suddenly faced with that hey actually you're wrong in the last quarter it's just like. To show us how fast this is growing and it's importantly -- one of the one of the risk factors in the in the prospectus in no way back before the -- Monday. One big -- which we wrote about and we have -- -- and brought about well ahead of you know she did rob. Was basically this morning about you know while which is mobile's growing incredibly quickly and it's going to take over probably the majority of of our traffic however we're not. 100% sure how to monetize -- -- now what we've seen and we saw the best evidence that the second quarter is that. Actually FaceBook has got to plant is is doing better than just let everybody else to do it so I mean if you look at. Google Google came out in a couple weeks before he the numbers were a little bit shy of expectations largely because he. You've had a revenue per click going down revenues for quick we're going down because they're more more about -- and there are united. Laptop or desktop -- after. -- -- more difficult to monetize and they haven't yet figured out now we know they'll probably figured out over time again I have strong confidence in the company did it. But you know they got hit four. And everybody else -- want social canoe network company is actually. Doing better. When this Linkedin what does it figured out that Facebook's wolves figured out the profits and being extraordinarily boring I mean I revenue -- don't let the Clinton once a year or something but nothing useful site -- and the things state. Yet sticking exactly you know it's and it's set that up that's that case because -- -- Facebook's if it's a bit kind of being mean you know it's not quite as serious as plankton and -- Different it's different model and it is it is a social network yes but it isn't a social network in the sense you go to it took to. Waste time right where. It -- it media in that respect and I think FaceBook is like immediate and elemental thing they don't have -- aren't noted because the advertisers in her right company have a job there weren't -- to have jobs. Yet let's face it did not -- -- where people find jobs it's W appetite which is just -- quite used very specific purpose and it is. I actually don't I mean I know we that you can make the comparison yeah but I still them I sort of feel like it's it's important each. Kind of company in that case because it has as FaceBook fell also it is there's probably a lot more space for FaceBook to grows well right because he's -- a sustainable I think we went forward -- do that because that he are picking up an overall markets about 2% of all advertising and I know what you gonna spend a lot more than 2% of my time. -- myself. And yeah and so. The odds are -- is gonna start following that they've done it before and and it was -- -- he's -- -- -- right. Still you can't let it affect the global look up Florida that's what happens in the future in the meantime. Stay tuned for more breaking news tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Facebook tops IPO price

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 03:35

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