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Techquity: Facebook's bumpy ride, dude got a Dell problem

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 03:48

July 31 - Facebook gets back to IPO price and looks similar to another networking stock. Plus, Michael Dell's bid for Dell faces more hurdles.

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Mogul appears to mobile cheers. Basically it's finally broken through its IPO price of thirty dollars a share. Concerns about growing the business as users move to mobile devices now practically erased by its earnings out last week. Mobile advertising revenue shot up 75%. In the span of just three months try expectations. The stock gained about 25%. The day after its earnings and his client to ever spent. Topping the 38 dollar mark in the first few minutes of trading Wednesday before losing some ground. It's FaceBook about four and a half months to get back to its offer price hasn't -- seem to be believers and its mission. Other stocks had an easier ride like Google. Priced at 85 dollars in August of 2004. It closed at 100 the first day went sideways for a week and that soared fourteen and a half months later about 370. They got just the opposite. As -- gaming business suffered after going public it priced at ten dollars in late 2011 and and fourteen and a half months later treated just 350. While Linkedin doubled on day one from its 45 dollar price. But four and a half months later it would still trading near that level as some questioned its business like FaceBook. The stock nearly doubled from there the question now could FaceBook follow -- Tim Cook to try to do something about Apple's weak spot China. This CEO meeting with the chairman of China Mobile in Beijing Wednesday. Apple still have to cut a deal with the country's largest mobile carrier to offer iphones and ipads. The visit comes a week after apple -- -- sales in China fell 43%. From the previous quarter. It also comes after China labor watch report accused supply there of labor violation. Shares of apple up fractionally. Holding above 450. US regulators have IBM in their states. The company says an SEC investigation is focusing on how reports revenue from cloud computing business. I -- disclosed the investigation in a quarterly report. It's that -- learn about the investigation back in that day. IBM stock down fractionally today below 200 dollars. In our best of the rest today Dell Michael Dell in -- relates 24 point four billion dollar takeover bid to take a hit today. The kind of special committee rejected their request to change the voting roles and exchange for a slightly higher -- her. A person familiar with the matter telling Reuters Michael Dell in -- really expect it to collapse. Unless the voting change happen. Currently shares that aren't voted are counted as no votes which makes it more difficult for Michael Dell's bid to win approval. Activist investor Carl Icahn is often made that for now. Shares -- 2% today more dollar below the thirteen 65 and thirteen 75 bids from Michael now. Soaring today is -- out. The make of marketing software posted better than expected revenue at that one new customers. Also raised its revenue forecast. Shares up more than 20%. Uttering is -- networks the -- products maker missed its revenue forecast and cut its revenue guidance. Shares down more than 20%. That's kept putting this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT are at equity. I'm Sharon writes and this is going to.

Techquity: Facebook's bumpy ride, dude got a Dell problem

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 03:48

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