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U.S. Morning Call: Facebook cents away from $38 IPO price

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 02:58

July 31 - Facebook's stock is just pennies shy of its $38 debut price for the first time since its rocky initial public offering more than a year ago.

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Ford sent away from retention and a milestone that's the topic here Wednesday morning call. Shares of FaceBook climbed as high as 3796. Yesterday. We claiming that 38 dollar debut price. The stock closed at 3763. But it's making its way back up there in the premarket right now 37 if I it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg watch shares surged 40% in the past week after the company reported one analyst called it close to perfect quarter. A Raymond James analyst told Reuters -- and space because in better shape today than it was at the IPO price. Apple's Tim Cook trying to revive his company in China. He met ahead of China Mobile the world's largest mobile carrier which does not offer iphones and ipads. Apple sales in China have slumped recently the CEO meeting was to discuss matters of cooperation. Shares of apple climbing higher in the premarket. And checking it -- Microsoft shares today the company reported its surface tablets are losing money. Mediocre sales of the device eclipsed by advertising cost and an accounting charge. Activist investor bill -- back in the news and not disparaging Herbalife. He announced a nine point 8% stake in air products and chemicals company that makes industrial gas products. It's his largest investment ever at the stake valued at 2.2 billion dollars according to act meant. He says it's a great business that's undervalued. Shares of the company jumping roughly 5% in the premarket this year the stock's risen 23%. Let's take a look at stock futures this morning Boehner. Roughly flat ahead of today's FOMC announcement and the first street on second quarter GDP. US economic growth likely slowed sharply in the last three months a pace of about 1% according to a Reuters survey of economists. Some analysts saying growth could be even weaker with forecasts that the low range of about point 4%. In a little over an hour we'll get the ADP national employment report which is expected to -- slightly less jobs were added this month compared to -- Comcast posting second quarter results just moments ago the company beating expectations by two cents coming in at 65 cents a share. The company added more Internet customers and then expected and thought a 20% increase in operating cash flow. At NBC universal unit. The stock is up in the premarket. That's -- Wednesday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more great videos at Reuters dot com slash -- it's -- And Lisa Bernhard gets its --

U.S. Morning Call: Facebook cents away from $38 IPO price

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013 - 02:58

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