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U.S. Week Ahead: Tesla and Kors fly high; Fed jobs reaction

Friday, Aug 02, 2013 - 02:08

Aug 2- Two Wall Street darlings, Tesla and Michael Kors, report earnings next week with high expectations from analysts. Disney was hit by ESPN ratings and Fed policymakers react to a weak jobs report.

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Here -- three stories you need to watch more next week. After the surprising drop in the job number if the Fed it back in the spotlight three fed presidents from Dallas Cleveland and Chicago. We'll give speeches. Any reaction to the recent jobs numbers and really what's going to be happening just. Women love and so does Wall Street I'm not entirely here who let that more Michael course reports first quarter results Tuesday. Stanley have given more reasons why Michael court is going to beat rival might coaching Kate Spade. First off they're not doing much discount back and -- Michael Ford has reached new heights. Third it needs strong hold -- failed and they beat market expectations. Michael court continues to be in most successful IPO in the past two years. Now another stock to watch is Walt Disney for -- maybe has relied on ESPN. Steady in large stream of cash but this quarter -- -- changed. Why well. Reading have been dropping and because the team are playing an MBA playoffs. Aren't in big cities that have caught a 36%. Dropping ESP Henry. And your top story for next week -- on mosques pride and joy reports Q2 results on Wednesday. It's riding high after earning a near perfect score from consumer reports for its model -- electric car and it doesn't hurt to being in order trends 2013 car of the year. Debate recently raised its rating on -- led to buy from hold think they were late to recognize that the street -- Tesla. Couple years down the -- -- lot more efficient production so the more -- they may the better they get at it which helping profit margins. For the stock it isn't rising 420%. Over last year. Make sure to follow us on Twitter writer insider again more of our video that Reuters dot com lot -- TV. I'm pretty mom and later.

U.S. Week Ahead: Tesla and Kors fly high; Fed jobs reaction

Friday, Aug 02, 2013 - 02:08

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