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Fishing for a Fed chief

Monday, Aug 05, 2013 - 02:30

At David Kotok's annual fishing retreat in Maine, attendees offer Reuters correspondent Luciana Lopez their predictions on who will be the next Fed chair.

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It by a bet on the -- politics that's probably Larry Summers hits got -- society politics probably. -- Larry Summers names in the press right now. But I see that Agassi. Robert Rubin Tim Geithner there's Kamal. You know which she's a big card and I think they're just trying to generate momentum for his candidacy through whispered it. You know Larry Summers. Lobbied hard for the World Bank job and didn't get. So I don't think he's -- real. Larry Summers. -- the president. Played tennis. My experience. Is that personal -- the leader. On the other hand he's more controversial. Jennie -- and very very gracious. Experience and season. Mr. President it is lucky to have a number of qualified candidates. But. The real issue is philosophically. Who does he think is aligned with his view of where the economy is. And how to navigate it out of where this. And that's yeah. She's what these markets wants. Ultimately I think they're gonna get it now I think President Obama as of this moment watch Larry Summers. The push -- -- from Larry Summers too great for him to just kind of plow right through and say no -- -- my man. And they're trying to drum up enough interest so that -- -- can change opinion to make Summers acceptable. But I don't think that's gonna happen I think it's it's always -- gallon in the marketplace the market's comfortable with -- And I think she's gonna wind up getting you know it. It doesn't make any difference. They're their belts. We're gonna have -- We're -- beat -- you are we gonna get yelled plumbers. The president appears to be trying to make -- city. A plea with people to accept those Summers. It can't -- it. Some comfort to you.

Fishing for a Fed chief

Monday, Aug 05, 2013 - 02:30

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