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Techquity: Facebook gets a boost, Qualcomm doesn't

Monday, Aug 05, 2013 - 03:26

August 5 - Analyst raises price target on Facebook and cuts rating on Qualcomm. Plus, latest on Apple legal battle with Samsung.

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FaceBook puts a thirty dollar mark in the rear view there for the first time. Let's stop filing made back to its IPO price last week after a tumultuous fourteen and one half month ride. But it couldn't climb higher now it is cracked 39 dollars as we take this the new high is 3932. Piper Jaffray raised its price target to 46 from 38 on the hope of video ads which Bloomberg report are in the works in a feature monetization in Ingraham. Reports also indicate FaceBook is ramping up its marketing efforts by hiring its first ever chief marketing officer at -- breaking the story. During breaks comes from Google where he worked in a variety of roles. The average selling price of Smartphones is dropping and it needs to do more to compete at the low end could be a commentary and apple but it's not. These are comments from Piper Jaffray about Qualcomm. The brokerage downgraded chipmaker due to weak demand for high end devices it cut its rating to neutral from overweight. In acknowledges the weakness could be seasonal in also cut its price target to 67 dollars from 71. The stock is down 1% to 66 bucks today -- 2013 high of 6849. That in March. No new iPad slowing global growth for the tablet sector. Research firm IDC says that absence of a new iPad from apple in the second quarter caused the entire sectors quarterly growth to slow. But on a year on year basis shipments rose 60%. Apple's shipments fell 14% from last year causing it marketshare to drop by almost half to thirty Q percent. But -- stories -- ahead of number two Samsung who shipments nearly quadrupled it is nearly half of Apple's -- 18%. Placing third fourth and share race Asus Lenovo both re entering the top five -- -- finished it. IDC says Microsoft is starting to make progress but it didn't make the top five. Microsoft which slashed prices on the surface are you a few weeks ago just cut the price that surfaced -- by 100 dollars. Faster growth for the vendors should resurfaced in the second half IDC's this new product lines from apple Amazon and others should drive -- predictably. Impressive growth. It's not the tablet wars that are driving -- one cents a -- estimate or rather a rare move by the White House. South Korea says it's concerned about US government and its -- apple over Samsung in their patent wars. On Saturday in the Obama administration overturned US trade -- ban on imports of older iphones and ipads sold at AT&T. Analysts say the ruling will not have a big financial impact on apple. The iPhone four is the key product among items that would have been affected but it's expected to be discontinued anyway once apple launched the new iPhone this fall. Wells Fargo -- -- that a ban on the one point five million units of my iPhone four would only hurt September quarter profit by 3%. Apple shares rising 1% on the news while Samsung fell nearly 1%. And that's equity that's Monday remember you can follow on Twitter RT RS equity I'm Fred -- this.

Techquity: Facebook gets a boost, Qualcomm doesn't

Monday, Aug 05, 2013 - 03:26

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