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Angling for an answer: When will Fed reel in its stimulus?

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 02:18

At David Kotok's annual fishing retreat in Maine, attendees share their thoughts with Reuters correspondent Luciana Lopez on when the Fed will start to taper.

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We can't start and homeless and that's an -- one. Good Pickering would be a good idea. For their particular lot longer. You can't go from owning. From buying three corners of the outstanding treasuries have been issued this year. To selling them and not create a violent reaction at one point or another so I think they're gonna get harder and find her on this stuff a whole lot longer. And and room. They're uncomfortable and I think what they're doing because we're in territory we've never been before. So we did the 85 billion. Every month for the rest of the year we're gonna have another trillion to the feds were -- you know and people wonder kind of what do we do that and they wonder what will we do and so I think duke forum not to -- -- both the economy is not giving them. An excuse to stop. If you look at the data. It's not really that much better than September 2012 when they started QE. So I don't know why they would want it stopped but they haven't really accomplished -- just. The data doesn't suggest beginning tapering September. But the rhetoric but defense against that it will begin tapering. And not contrast. Only creates a lot of tension -- -- marketplace in terms of pricing. I think we certainly got a whiff of what might happen when Bernanke. In -- laid out some conditions. All of which seems very unlikely to be fulfilled. Under which the Fed might taper. And the markets heard that message can immediately start falling apart. There's a Federal Reserve caper. While the inflation rate is headed to one or low. And the economy is very. Slow in terms of growth rates and not likely to get robust. What does the -- do. What does that say dude we flirt with a recession on taper.

Angling for an answer: When will Fed reel in its stimulus?

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 02:18

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