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Breakingviews: Stanchart shows perils of emerging markets

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 04:35

Aug. 6 - Asia-focused Standard Chartered took a $1bln hit on its Korean business, hurting H1 profits. Not all emerging markets are equal, argues Breakingviews.

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While breaking news site this morning once and a child it's Korean grind down shows no emerging market as a recalled and why does Sony brush off went and the download campaign Chris Hughes. Joins me it's a what breaks them that the good the trend a little bit sound it's not just a little bit disappointing on the back of -- -- -- this Korean. Well is there should there publicity about it does save. These plays resulted themselves -- -- in emerging markets can go down as well as up until. As you say they've taken this fits. In South Korea in a South Korea. Is it looking quite part challenged and it comes after a period of kind of pretty rapid rate for us -- -- -- where -- what you see throughout. In throughout the the first decade of that the century that is what -- seen. It's gonna talk is just posted double digit. Muted performance gains every -- that I'm just -- does this is broad brush. Performance improvement across -- Now -- was -- -- -- -- -- if -- from this -- more mixed pitch you know the -- so that the war -- up from the investors will like clay which legal Eagles and millions they have weakness southeast Asia but you actually have in Africa. And India all of -- but. It's amounts less consistent performance than. It's on the top of the polls and improperly that's what investors are just gonna have to get used to let's talk now about this single digit. Improvements this is this that it's a different -- confidence remains -- get a -- Why exactly I mean that is that is a bit premature to be talking about. About him musing on this because the numbers. Has slowed down as a reflection of the environment and -- -- A reflection yeah British companies spent so. But it yeah -- they had some big issues to Austria in the way they handled this this crisis. In the US relations the business. Going through your wrong. Seems to have been dealt with now it wasn't the finest by any means but -- -- operation that he. Businesses is as good as well as you can expect -- I'll get let's have a quick word on -- civilian download com. They they've they serve put him in his place if you like. Some might expect download. This invested to call on the back of some anonymous but you saying -- not know yet. This is an unusual honestly because normally. You know had a good time led campaigns is can be very pretty -- -- on this one has been relatively. Apollo life like usual standards. As that happens. Sadie is now is -- is has consider its. His his plan for them to spin off the entertainment business. Just give -- the thought is that you know what that was gonna basically I don't threat. The idea that they're the reasons that may be because I actually. Sometimes when it comes to an offer to. It just that the main businesses that leftist the left on the performs. There is impressive about this finishes between. Who hold wearing contents with the whole with the media will convert and. Basic but the kind of assess the sentence says there she still opt for more in my instances yeah -- and -- and to -- why keeping -- alliance imaging is it because the Sampras before there was always always and resistant and calm before the storm well listen this is the system pounds and is there aren't too isn't it time. It has slightly different track where recruiters say it's it is -- in the states where I think is a much. More accustomed to seeing. You know from big battles. Kicked off with them but most drama. I'm you have to give up and for a slightly slightly differently and the DN for long hole keeping up the with us keeping the idea how. To see how the company's -- seeing for actually. They contend that in this current structure. But then being ready to -- that the jump again if there's an excellent this -- really working much ado about -- -- And there's many things that Christians. Right -- more generous heading inside what's our US breaking news show that comes on every day twelve birdies in seventeen petty BS -- I'm -- problem sources.

Breakingviews: Stanchart shows perils of emerging markets

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 04:35

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