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Techquity: Apple hits a high note; IBM takes a tumble

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 03:29

Aug 6 - Apple's stock hits a key technical level that analysts say could send it higher. IBM cuts back in hardware and Credit Suisse downgrades the stock to a ''sell''.

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If you had to take a look at apple in the past month you're missing something. Apple shares are actually at six month high. A look at this chart. -- all of the stock is to its 200 day moving average that's important because many analysts think that stock could explode once it crosses that level. Scott Kessler from SNB capital IQ knows that the stock's performance over the past month is encouraging. Before investors at a number of reasons to be cautious and now he says their real fast thing at least in the near term. He sees -- stop rising ahead of new products coming our way. At the end of September afterwards. New products means that the catalyst or boost for the stock. Well apple takes its former glory days at 700 dollars a share. And songs shaping the next big thing. Wearable -- Samsung has a Smart watch and the work and that's no rumor. How do we know. Samsung just filed -- patent cop for the Samsung galaxy gear what that is is wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wrist watch -- bank and angle. Let's take a closer look. We've got what it looks like as a power button as speaker and UA's beep or. -- might. And menu button. Apple's probably a little behind in the wearable tech game Tim -- himself that that they needed more time to assess the market and now apple probably hot on the Samsung feels now they're moving forward with this watch. FaceBook imposing more changes to the new speed. Today Facebook's supposed to be announcing a new algorithm to change the concept that you see on your news speed. Right now users complain about a lot of contact is not relevant the outdoor than the supposed to make it more aligned to your user interests and preferences. Alliance Bernstein is raising -- 2014 activists on FaceBook and that's because the Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg fat. That now that they've got user engagement and they've shown they've got the eyeballs they want to increase the number of advertisers in the new speed. Charge more for them in terms of raising the cost per click. And we also know that -- that is going to be introducing TB style act in the new speed later this year charging millions of dollars. The shares are down a little over -- percent. In our best -- the rest category I'd be out. Later this month the company is gonna cut stock in the hardware unit that is only gonna get 13 of their paper one week executives will get no pay. Credit Suisse actually downgrading the stock rating to under perform which is now. And that's because they believe that we're revenue outlook from existing businesses is -- they don't have a very good acquisition strategy. Shares -- IBM down over 2% today. And it's not getting a little more sophisticated nowadays. They're not just the dollar store or the mid -- star -- averaging star. Amazon is launching an online fine arts store and there are going to be -- affordable pieces to multimillion dollar are like -- is long on on that task and from Norman Rockwell paintings. CEO -- baseball's really showing off its intellectual side especially after buying personally the Washington Post. This guy's gotta hand it everything. That's your tech -- this Tuesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT are at exactly. I'm -- not bad it is writers.

Techquity: Apple hits a high note; IBM takes a tumble

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013 - 03:29

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