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McConnell, Graham face pack of troubles in 2014

Wednesday, Aug 07, 2013 - 02:57

Just as the alphas in a wolf pack are challenged, incumbent Republican senators including Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell face peril from primary competitors, and it’s not just the Tea Party baring its fangs.

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-- But because some hunger in the Republican party for. For going against the establishment. Yes there are kind of you know. Conservative challengers we're gonna try to challenge. A -- senators from the right. If the kind of classic you know Tea Party insurgency that would certainly be true in Kentucky where Matt Evans businessman Kentucky's challenging Mitch McConnell assignment minority leader McConnell as the ultimate insider his opponents smell vulnerability -- look at the poll numbers and they see that is. Approval numbers a lot lower than his disapproval I think it just generally speaking -- is sort of basically just saying it. McConnell too much of an insider he's been around too long too much of a national leader and his ability -- as connected to Kentucky's should. -- not -- in the house calls senator they've taught you know. He has drawn a strong democratic challenger also won in Grimes. Secretary of state -- -- philandering and I'm running to represent Kentucky in the United States but just what -- Or numbers and say -- well I can win this -- All of the incumbent Republican senators. And maybe. The one who actually might be likely to. Please Graham has has long been an advocate. Comprehensive immigration reform who is sometimes disliked by Republicans and conservatives board. Cutting deals. With Democrats Lindsay -- just got an inch interesting primary challenger the other day Nancy mates killed PR firm except Carolina but. More notably she's the first female graduate of the citadel. South Carolina. Mean she's it's kind of more of a libertarians. Candidates. And when I told sense is that the only way to change Washington if the change he sent to Washington Wyoming is another good example. You know -- incumbent Republican senator Mike -- basic potentially credible challenge this time. Liz Cheney. Daughter of the former vice president to change. Today I'm launching -- it's -- -- What's interesting about the Wyoming races that. Cheney is not really what you would call it quotes -- party challenger shave maybe more than forty insider evidence. Republican incumbents need to be afraid of challenges because Republican primary voters have just shown more willingness. To. Vote against the incumbent. --

McConnell, Graham face pack of troubles in 2014

Wednesday, Aug 07, 2013 - 02:57

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