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Breakingviews: A Musky scent of Jobs

Thursday, Aug 08, 2013 - 03:30

The Tesla boss is evoking Apple founder Steve Jobs with his great products and knack for beating earnings estimates, but Elon Musk gets more credit, say Breakingviews editors.

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So it tests slug -- exciting and electric carmaker. Not a right Ilan mosque. Surprised Wall Street with some great results. Extended its stock run which is up 300%. This year which is sort of put us in a mind of Steve Jobs a little bit. It may be more as the ones some ways not but yeah I'm basically well tennis is doing under -- muskies. It's mystical things of this Steve Jobs at first to obviously building products that people love. I'm most people like I species that love the Colin -- -- and at the -- -- a -- like console in the middle. And here's Obama are sort of proselytizing or sick pathetic they sent word that early days -- apple examine that it is that you guys would in lots of rules on consumer and elsewhere concerning awards in the collier of us know exactly electric code PSA it go to couples policy for the best car of the year. Liberal yeah consumables is given at the it's that the highest rate it's ever given a -- I think it's where to go insane sick she is going from Wisconsin so it is doing pretty -- just like the jobs with the iPad and the iPhone. They're making great products that people loved talking about and then BC into the second time in a road he's beating analysts' estimates now. Jobs did much better because we're the solo hallmark about. Right right I don't look that for this huge run and what it was sixty is something every single quarter it managed to. Keep expectations. Keep a lid on expectations -- mentally positive record deficit that was the typically -- -- -- we saw that really would tell us that the stock was down during the Stanley analyst and and it worried about and this straight up they've got. Somewhat complicated results for accompanying this new partly because that mounting a leasing arrangements they've got that -- could account for some of them what they sell at a three years said it. They got -- got back -- and they are taken -- a nice big one off gain from paying back the Department of Energy loans early. -- -- doing what has ordered more cars than people a little pot constantly that that's very -- -- -- only can do the -- that Al that we beat merits of what we've produced by 13% I think. Editors are completely like -- there's a couple of minutes -- in terms of financials evaluate rises we oppose -- -- that politically is. You know in the Jones is and actually that for the most part it's traded at. In revenues expectations -- what time what under what actually happened right and it's traded. And only about let's say ten times the expected earnings for the current view the full what do you what do you what it called it which is -- Sort of -- company the right continue to never continued beating nearly full value and go what. Nice -- those clients saying given the crisis apple hat by some on margins and just general Christ like twenty said he sang grace of course -- -- year -- -- Margins in the twenty's going up to certain spots on the Steve Jobs done it. And yet that ten times and that's basically he had not regretting not the case that Tesla. -- I've -- on -- its Tesla is now trading at study sites say six times. 2016 innings. People expect it to sell blades because it's got two new products coming up in the next 34 is one of which there will be a must put -- -- which means of 35 grand. The -- that's gonna bring -- -- down. And it's margins of the -- and expects to be about 12% which is great if your car company prisoner who enabled the likes of apple -- -- -- full credit and then summit Tesla unlike you know points -- leave it there will be about corporate abuse tomorrow.

Breakingviews: A Musky scent of Jobs

Thursday, Aug 08, 2013 - 03:30

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