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Techquity: Friends for Facebook, Intel plus golden Apple?

Monday, Aug 19, 2013 - 04:01

Aug 19 - Facebook and Intel receive positive comments from analysts while Apple will reportedly make a golden change with the new iPhone.

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FaceBook making a believer out of former Wall Street. The latest convert Evercore Partners it raised its price target from 34 dollars blows thirty dollar IPO price all the way up to 45 dollars. Analysts like better audience stated tools for advertisers larger ad formats and -- expected refresh of the right side of the site include bolder headlines and more video. All of which would lead to higher revenue per user. Here's -- Q percent adding that IPO price. The face but tech support while. Not getting raised a Palestinian -- expert had opposed -- discovery of a button on the site to Mark Zuckerberg FaceBook page. To get the security team to address it. Now the bug allows any user to post anything on -- wall this -- process when he contacted FaceBook about it. The company did not respond. The post does not Roberts page Shirley got a quick response. CNET reports a member of the security team at its pollution and ask for more information after he contacted FaceBook. Apple may be bringing on the playing. Techcrunch and other media reports Apple's iPhone 5 that's we'll come in gold is it's easier than black or white when coding collars on to metal. Techcrunch says it could be more settles -- goal but where apple ones but out of gold iPod mini and you'll see those around anymore. The finances -- to feature fingerprint security system so those people might want to call it gold finger. Probably won't be long for users cleanup but we -- and diamonds and whatnot anyway and they go well India where people can't get enough of goal. But arch rival Samsung made the Apple Store shelves of its new offerings. The New York Times says it'll show off a Smart watch and -- -- -- out in the first week of September. The galaxy gear watch and make calls played video games and sent emails but you may need to have your -- so yeah bigger pocket for the new galaxy mega. The hybrid between a Smartphone and tablet sports a six point three inch screen not much smaller than -- ridiculous seven inch tablets. AT&T sprint US cellular will carry. Apple shares rising again today it's been on a roll lately -- reports of strong iPhone sales and George Soros doubling its stake in the company. Samsung shares fell less than a percent in Seoul. Here's one way to take Manhattan by street easy. Zillow is buying its tiny rival for fifteen million dollars in cash now. That sounds like a small purchase but it's a big strategic move gives still believe in the in the nation's biggest real estate market over other competitors Trulli and read it. Treaties database dominates in New York market and -- one point two million users. Zillow -- the US largest real estate database web site but. It doesn't have the detailed information about the Big Apple and -- apartment buildings that's easy does. Treaties listings even show floor plans and recent closing prices. Zillow famous for providing estimate how much homes are worth. -- -- stop all 4% on the news but its shares have more than tripled this year amid the housing recovery is says it'll sell more stock to finance acquisitions. In her best of the rest today Intel which could benefit from easy purchases. Piper Jaffray expecting businesses to operate the machines running windows XP when Microsoft and support for an April. Eight months from now also -- Intel gaining from its base true process for windows tablets and it's focused on curtailing expenses. Piper Jaffray raising Intel to neutral from underweight and lifting its price target to 22 dollars. Shares of the -- on more than 2% above the 22 level. And that's kept putting this Monday -- can follow us on Twitter at RT RS -- but he I'm Fred Katayama and this is.

Techquity: Friends for Facebook, Intel plus golden Apple?

Monday, Aug 19, 2013 - 04:01

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