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Zillow expands its turf; buys StreetEasy

Monday, Aug 19, 2013 - 03:30

Aug 19 - Zillow is set to acquire New York's leading real estate website StreetEasy in a deal worth $50M.

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Thought your Monday morning calling it deal zillow to acquire street easy for fifty million dollars. That's not a huge by street -- it's been good to source for New York city's home hunters and that's the biggest real estate market in the country. The deal could give -- an edge over its main rival Trulia. Which paid about 310 million in cash and stock this spring to buy another rival market leader. Below which went public in 2011 has really benefited from the housing recoveries. Its stock is up over 230%. This year and has risen over 166%. Since its debut in twenty let it. Our stocks to watch this morning we're keeping an eye on shares of JPMorgan. The bank is under scrutiny for hiring practices in China. The SEC is looking at whether JPMorgan -- the children of the rich and famous in China with the sole purpose of winning their business. Of course this add to Jamie -- already light bill of litigation costs. Last year JPMorgan spent four point nine billion dollars defending itself and various lawsuits. -- losses you winds on the loose and Carl icons lost this one. A judge refused to fast track -- lawsuit against the -- buyout. The ruling clears the way for September 12 -- out founder Michael Dell's buyout offer. For Samsung time is -- essence which is why it may be apple in releasing its Smart watch back congress in September. The walked called Samsung galaxy gear it would allow you make phone calls played video games and sent emails. And according to New York Times it will be shown up time and an electronics fair it -- and that begins September 6. Take a look at markets. US stock futures are pointing to a slightly higher open a rebound may be on the way after the Dow up 82 point 2% drop last week. Its biggest since -- It's also a big week which the FOMC minutes due out on Wednesday and fed officials heading to Jackson Hole for their annual Powell now. And Bernanke's gonna miss the party which could be his last as the head. House on Reuters dot com on why Larry Summers led -- -- asked. They raise rates faster than one coached by Janet Yellen. Also check at those snaps in the bottom our screen for more news of the day. The second quarter earnings winding up it seems the dollar may have been an easy scapegoat for weak results. In a survey of 250. S&P 500 companies one in -- it's weak global results -- dollar. When in fact the US dollar index is down 2.2 percent so far in the third quarter. And is up just 2% since the start of the year. Naming names Colgate palm -- cut cut its full year outlook to have dollar strength. Kimberly-Clark's chairman referred to quote more negative currency environment while DuPont cited increased headwinds for its results. That's -- Monday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get my great athletic dot com slash players. I -- it's very hard.

Zillow expands its turf; buys StreetEasy

Monday, Aug 19, 2013 - 03:30

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