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U.S. oil boom puts Saudi ties on shifting sand

Friday, Aug 23, 2013 - 02:48

The oil-for-security bond that has defined U.S.-Saudi relations for 70 years is fraying, says Warren Strobel, as the United States looks to a future that does not depend on crude from the Arab power.

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To go to the Saudi embassy in Washington there's this lovely photograph of the king of Saudi Arabia and FDR -- was like on a battleship. During forward to that was like the start of -- US Saudi relationship was really built upon. The US need for oil from Middle East and a Saudi -- need for security. Saudi Arabia and still the world's. Bank of oil and the only ones who have significant additional capacity but over time the United States may be one of the world's leading energy exporters in the next fifteen to twenty years. We are. I'm going to have to prepare for a different energy future right where we're producing fossil fuels have more problems. And that could give the United States additional freedom to worry less about frictions with Saudi Arabia. The two countries to look at the world quite similarly I'm so there was this close personal relationship. But increasingly I think they're seeing the world different terms. You see the tension. To the United States and Saudi Arabia clearly in Egypt. United States would like to see democracy in Egypt pressing the Egyptian military to stop. The violence the saudis distrust of Muslim Brotherhood greatly they believe they have strong links to al-Qaeda the very happy that the Muslim Brotherhood is now. Out of the total picture and that the generals -- back in charge so King Abdullah made it pretty clear that if others withdraw aid including the United States the Saudi Arabia won't come and we're very considerable oil wealth and and replacing -- with the question of Syria. The united states -- really doesn't want to get sophisticated weapons to the Syrian rebels as Saudi -- much more aggressive and want to arm the rebels. Wanted to see president Assad of Syria overthrown. One area where the two countries Saudi Arabia the United States to join it to him. So we're talking about a almost thirty billion dollar deal. That was signed in 2011. Com or eighty on F fifteen jets. And refurbishment of others and that's that's a very very large deal the saudis sly American planes. Can drive American tanks. They're doctrine and military. Tactics is all that stuff statement from the Americans account locks and relationship with the -- so the US Saudi relationship is changing. The United States less dependent Saudi oil. The saudis will remain dependent on the United States for weapons for training for the mistakes from the military security and we're really entering into. A season of unchartered waters.

U.S. oil boom puts Saudi ties on shifting sand

Friday, Aug 23, 2013 - 02:48

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