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Breakingviews: Ackman's airplay

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013 - 03:10

Aug. 27 - Richard Beales and Breakingviews columnists discuss why Bill Ackman's bet on Air Products may be more successful than the hedge fund manager's efforts at J.C. Penney and other retailers.

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Still like and it's -- manager is giving up on this activist campaign at JC Penney selling his whole state he's lost a ton of money. Retail hasn't proved to be his finest. You know and other cases. He's had -- a look elsewhere Mitt Romany. Chris you've been looking at this latest story can you tell us about it. One of my favorite companies and products but it's a very very old technology makes industrial gas. And that's actually his biggest bet to -- -- he seems to put about two billion dollars to this company so obviously. Expecting a big chunky -- And my perception of the company is although who. It's not going to be a huge -- and he's gonna have trouble replicating the success he's had. On other companies like -- Canadian Pacific where he's seems to have at least some paint a pretty much traveled. His money into an observer to stay with us is that obviously has been a lot of focus on his retail wonders. Which are not just JC -- but it's -- part of it and borders over the years and but you -- sort of -- first industrial play. And he went and he kind of fought proxy fight -- management and there and the shares have. All practically tripled didn't less than two years does that did that just from changing some and is that changing management and expected him as a disease management strategy execution really kind of there's no it's not like Ben it's not like a Fortune Brands play where he kind of broke up colony or it's not a financial engineering play. It really was you know do that are kind of strategy and I think that's what he's trying to do -- -- products essentially you'll you'll. Perception is that may be tough it's. Well and it. Hi I think it could -- is just a question of whether they'll actually tripled its money. Which -- see what he's kind of hoping he is a possible yeah I think he would at least want to topple his money on this month. And I think that -- that difficulty is that. Did this company has -- been a -- it like if you look at since that John McGlade current head chief exec -- to the table that's about five years ago. The shares are up about 4% living or about may be merging with the imagine with the death but that that's been a series that. Under center festival -- really badly against their their peers think they try to you know they went after aircraft and completely top of that deal they've you know they've basically their margins are lower than everyone else's. Their return on capital and you know deployed is is lower than a lot of sort of I guess the theory is if you get better management. You know I'm not about them all fight it and of itself it. You know you deploy the capital batter to get better margins again it's an execution strategy like yeah -- it's -- -- -- if you put those on the best clubs that's. Then maybe I can make and I think that's a reasonable strategy the question is how far -- again. That patent. Mom my calculated guess -- -- -- it is it is a yet mystic and getting taken in other words what they want to do is able to become the Exxon and industrial gas that's not easy because I have to completely changed the culture of the entire organization. -- I do that he may be able to double his money with a little bit of a following wind. But it's long and arduous process that it will leave it. -- following bill Eichmann in all his events is admirable breaking news for you tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Ackman's airplay

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013 - 03:10

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