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Breakingviews: Minimum wage woes

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013 - 02:52

Aug. 29 - With fast-food workers set to strike, a new study shows how welfare usually pays more than low-wage jobs. Jeffrey Goldfarb and Richard Beales discuss the conundrum for policymakers.

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Fast food workers -- -- strike across the United States fifty big cities over low wages. And -- coincides -- -- actually started it just came out Richard ballots. Welfare a lot of these states at a -- it looks like welfare pays more. Then getting minimum wage job rights advocates as he came -- this news studies which suggest that in. Two -- two thirds of the fifty US states. Well heeled Wimbledon and that Joseph and and wastes it old school but about eight states. Well at -- reasonable than what that the federal poverty level which is Clinton in the know what happened because a lot because obviously a lot of people will think that under President Clinton. -- the welfare kind of roles were pulled back and and so what what exactly is -- for that little case it has pulled back -- is when it takes it to the simplest that he. Back in 95 I think what's they found in every state will beat the entry -- killed and the poverty -- so it's come down from that but what. The other big night is that. -- the rich go rich or in the United States there have been in his in the Portugal -- waiters and actually with the wages of the legal way to are now and let down. So you kind of ratcheted well with these quite lengthy reforms but at the same time the wages that come down. And the minimum wage has even -- the minimum wage as well the federal minimum wage is outpaced. The rights of the -- so it's a real policy conundrum is what appointments here means that there's no. Easier every -- -- -- able to raise the minimum wage but the dramatically taller than minimum wage makes it on the from -- as to employ as many people right if they wanna make as much money as the let's put that could have -- unintended consequence of actually cutting down on employment all the wealth that if welfare recipients. Genuinely need to hell. Why wouldn't you wanna keep them above what the government thinks the poverty line is that. If you can't well that too much you'll be getting your ability what the government says -- line is it. It's not obvious the benefits too generous. -- that the question is this kind of exactly what these votes that would is a striking about it minimum entry level -- and the -- the United States have become extremely -- -- and it's it's a real policy can and does -- have any recommendations -- they just kind of wanna see. I think that in his early on a single resets and so on Armenia the ounces. It depends politics -- -- it might be put out minimum wage it might be cut welfare benefits. Principal constructive votes as we need to look at ways to promote economic development that produces -- that can pay more are still gonna give us at a certain level market but it. Yeah that's it that's issues it and it's questions the right there are two we will leave it there are obvious equality question we'll obviously continue. Two persevere and we will be back soon with more breaking news.

Breakingviews: Minimum wage woes

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013 - 02:52

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