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ROUGH CUT: UK PM Cameron debates Syria in parliament

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013 - 02:13

Aug. 29 - British Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband debate military intervention in Syria.

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News to speak -- and I'd like to move them I want to unite as much of the country and have not all of this comes as possible. With the speaker on an expert for the Monroe on the -- front giving way. I think the unthinkable to proceed if there was overwhelming opposition in the Security Council let me set out for the highs while I think this issue is so important. At the very best route to fall. Is to have a chapter seven resolution take it to the UN Security Council have been tossed and then. Think about taking action that is the coffee followed with -- -- Now this is a very I don't wanna raise funds -- is very important. It cannot be the case that that is the only way to have a legal basis for action. And we should consider for a moment what the culture grizzlies would be if that were the case. You could have a situation in a country. Where does government wasn't actually annihilating half the people in that country. But because of one veto on the Security Council you would -- but from taking any action. Has taken a no decision about military action has been taken. If you agreed to the motion I sit down and no act. Action can be taken until we have hugs from the UN weapons inspectors until there's been further action. About United Nations. And another vote in this times that is all the conditions that week the British government the British parliament the setting. And I think it's absolutely right that we do so I called the leader of the opposition missed every minute back. Speak up but I do think anybody in this house. What anybody in the country to be under any illusions. About the effect of our relationship. To the conflict in Syria if we -- to militarily into these. Now placenta a developing my remarks that -- more than you rule out intervention but I think we need to be clear on. We we need to we need to be clear. We we -- we need to be -- to be clear why we we need to we need to be clear all right about the impact. Under this. -- this week this would have. This talent. If talent but this happiness joy if they -- points to literally opposition he has said that he might be able to support military action of the kind of the government is contemplating.

ROUGH CUT: UK PM Cameron debates Syria in parliament

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013 - 02:13

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