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Inside Janet Yellen’s brain

Friday, Aug 30, 2013 - 02:14

As President Obama considers the Federal Reserve vice chair for the central bank’s top position, researcher Aaron Menenberg uses what Janet Yellen says to develop a psychological profile. (August 30th, 2013)

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What are the traits we look at need for powers an interest in -- -- -- she's could very low on that. She's seems to be someone who doesn't need a lot of limelight doesn't need to receive all the credits comparing her to Somers on this from were looking in his case of someone with -- astronomy for power. The purpose. Of this study was to look at -- -- one of the potential candidates for the Federal Reserve chair position. We have. Seven -- so we look at me look at Jenny -- profile and a number of things stand out big conceptual complex instantly understand now for a field. Is incredibly hot I would put her comparable is certainly about Bernanke hands above my Summers a fascinating story of Janet Jones comes in her distrust of others -- She basic trust everybody. Now that's not to say she's gonna listen to take everything she -- but nevertheless the scores suggest that she has an open door policy. Another interesting -- a look at a self confidence when we look at Jenny Jones scores will we see is so below average score and when we compare that to Summers who has very high. Self confidence who have obesity is a pretty clear distinction. Summers is likely to be more decisive. Well -- -- will most likely go for that consensus that team built in before moving forward very interest and we elected Kennedy island's past orientation. That's where there is very which means she's very focused. I'm problems she's stronger than Bernanke's. And so when the time comes and she looks at the options she may say. The time isn't right to pull back we're gonna keep the expansionist policies go. What we're looking for potential replacement Janet Yellen the one that stands out to me is the chance that events could actually end up dictating her decision making. I'm control over events Janet Jones scores a bit lower than both Larry Summers hands Ben Bernanke she doesn't seem to have a strong sense that -- -- position to. Student attraction of decision making met with. Are strong and social complexity and her very low distrust of other schooler that could play out -- -- in wedge and she is receiving advice and counseling from all of these different sources that the events start to take over and that she ends -- reacting to those as opposed to leading from the front.

Inside Janet Yellen’s brain

Friday, Aug 30, 2013 - 02:14

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