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Breakingviews: Not the end of Vodafone’s deal-making

Monday, Sep 02, 2013 - 04:26

Sept. 2 - After 20 years of aggressive M&A, Vodafone is selling its $130bln stake in Verizon Wireless. But Breakingviews says there are more deals to come.

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So the prices confronted by pedigree the price of 130 billion dollars to sell its stake in Verizon Wireless to breaking news says rather than marking the end of an emanates project can give the telecoms John flop house for more deal making. -- -- I -- -- I bet that that lots of stories during the round and let. That stalled over the fact that two -- this 130 -- 130 billion dollars it's is it is a great price and secondly related to back. But it offends resistance. Over the years to exit its insistence of of of clinging on has really pay offer. Yeah this is actually good for the filmmakers who we now have the price them -- -- pretty and though about is the number that they think it's where you come out held out for you stuff. And it's. Policy's tactic would you call it. It's has paid off. Basically -- Verizon has has moved his way to say. Out las TC. That -- that if emanate from program which historically is is more pin. And overpaying by now we have a as the as the Sally getting that price that -- three -- -- but. -- -- exit visas -- Line we've heard of pay it back to Sutherland via over the years I mean this heady expansionist. Chapter is -- right now it seems but. Walt what happens now. Two very different. To someone coming -- this company up does this company was all this money in the bank. -- someone else. Well I vote the the expansion is there probably actually is -- labor intensive. Deal making as you say there's going to be a big emanate war chest. And the the new Vodafone will be a lot of small obscure racial taking out. Now it almost half its value. In this in this deal. Turning a lot of time in and and the and the cash now that's that's more wrong business is going to be. Pretty well positioned to the drawing for consolidation in Europe and in particular is going to be a very in different. Different animal but I didn't the other thing that deal making is. If that is the differences the deal making will be is it's in on the on the -- all. You know you might see something war. Measure. Than methodical. At the -- in the way he's held Africa progress here and he's. You know he's he's he's not someone who. -- -- he said it's just puts everything all black complicit all it takes a big -- in there will now be a very. Half full. And that methodical consideration. All of -- positive for the defense you can markets and there are a lot of potential. Feels now that parents can that be it cells will be happening very disciplined in the way he. -- -- -- And that's I just to finish up with you in terms of strategy and put up an analyst. Which is -- very different most of volt and quickly. And it and it talks about don't. How imperative it is operates is -- Senate set to maximal size from operations and service provided sex so I imagine we'll see a shift in its one at a time in the -- -- some of. Please you've seen already. In innovative in. And by Koppel puts firm. So movies. And and -- Capel. And it's not being pure play wireless this that it is already. I'm just thinking but it actually. In the way you described. And now tea house financial flexibility through really kind of to see that from his position of strength but invest is gonna want to display in the north of Losman has but they got to want to see as well. As a result of the isn't particularly tight here on this through this forever just to shrink student body back. It's about sustainable. Good. Progressive sustainable -- those -- that should be a decent organic story that was well but these are shareholders and then the M and I have the problems. OK very good occupant on the -- sponsoring sort of serious. For more generous ideas on what's our US breaking news show every day told that he's concerned you've -- BS team Mexico was his horses.

Breakingviews: Not the end of Vodafone’s deal-making

Monday, Sep 02, 2013 - 04:26

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