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Breakingviews: Nokia’s smart to take money & run

Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013 - 04:27

Sept. 3 - An era is over as Nokia sells its phone business to Microsoft for $7.2bln. The new owner is far stronger, but may struggle to win in smartphones, says Breakingviews.

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So Nokia gives up a soft fund finds its taking the money and running. But can Microsoft do a better job Chris uses what is breaking news to -- at a certain joins me I'm. Camera is off to a better job than. I wouldn't say that the -- -- giving up before our own behalf tournament as handing the flight that we've heard from public with the ports and it's that -- -- -- that you turn -- -- -- it's getting out of business. I -- the chemicals to open as well. Nokia has been struggling for awhile. Did actually come up with you know a period. With snappy interface through these these felons -- Deter us from marks for excuses just this Microsoft's. Windows -- -- You know a lot of some of smuggling -- -- -- -- -- commodities have been in every tenth call so it's been a bit of a struggle for -- Mayhew was and is still actually. Very much work in progress against very tough competition from android obviously and company that I'm cool is the way some people. Given -- it's -- clinging on -- that and that the president the the mobile operators do actually won't that could be another -- former house so it. The industry have ruled Gaza won't let that be success. For the it into the Nokia. Windows powerful but it just it was taking a long time to make it to make it happen now. -- Microsoft's. -- in the handset unit. The evolved -- as well but more and more fine how possibly more commitments. And possibly more for -- this. It within the unit that. So fiscal lots of other department found through the hall where is not then things. It's it's questionable when you what you what you can say is that likes of school in north deeper pockets. And in may have. -- real will tell me here at work for Nokia so it doesn't matter what -- again this is what it is surrendering. Any outside of government whoever it is going to be a massive war that -- of cash. Yeah right -- -- -- taking an awful lot of money. And go through running good for you right. Nowadays it's -- I guess he -- you tell me giving leases have been the lead to the Reuters news story when this happened was. A wind that -- yet collapses into the arms of Microsoft. -- -- You can actually members fought back a few -- not -- that this very clever deal when it. Took full control of its networks business say the wrong have Nokia. Is not is not. Withering anymore actually it's. It's pretty cash generous to business problems -- this this troops coming in from. From the likes of -- Kafelnikov returns show the site. Wolf left left of Milwaukee even that benefit and an an era has ended with this is this happens that -- open wolf less than half of Nokia. -- -- have a future. Is -- not a future in in fact it. Solutions and -- And nothing you know -- and so there's that there's a business which some. The difference this is that what's it in the means that Kenny out of this the the microphones that business. Doesn't mean at the end. End of knocking it by any -- and actually we could say is that. This deal with where is -- coastal currents that's kind of secure is the legacy for the the handset business to -- is no way that. Tamoxifen got to try to make this work and his movement -- to -- But we'll try to make it work so from a sort of Florida State told perspective from employee perspective this is remote to is compared to a you know that Blu-ray threw himself and feel acutely. Having knocking it -- about it handsets by itself. Okay Chris and thanks. Right side you're what chart US sprint TV show that's on every day 1230 east and 1730 PST and read all these stories of course on the breaking news website. -- -- -- --

Breakingviews: Nokia’s smart to take money & run

Tuesday, Sep 03, 2013 - 04:27

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