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China's controversial 'tough love' dad makes toddler son fly small plane

Wednesday, Sep 04, 2013 - 01:31

Sept. 4 - The Chinese father who angered many by forcing his four-year-old son to walk naked in the snow creates headlines again by making the boy fly a small plane. Mana Rabiee reports.

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Five-year-old He Yide may enter the record books by becoming the youngest person to fly a plane. But in this Chinese family, it's the father, who claims the fame -- and not necessarily for the right reasons. This video shows He Liesheng forcing his then four-year old He Yide to run naked in the snow while on vacation in New York. The video went viral with many calling it abuse. But He Liesheng said it's simply tough parenting ... that he's dubbed 'Eagle Education'. Now he's facing more criticism for what many say is this potentially dangerous publicity stunt. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) HE LIESHENG, WHO CALLS HIMSELF "EAGLE DAD", SAYING: "Eagle Education includes the qualities of bravery, morality, emotion and strength. Bravery is an important part of 'Eagle Education.' Today's flight realizes this principle." Not everyone is convinced. Child advocate Zong Chunshan says tough parenting like this can leave lasting scars. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) DIRECTOR OF THE BEIJING YOUTH LEAGUE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING CENTER ZONG CHUNSHAN SAYING: "At different ages, a child's development and physical characteristics have their own laws of maturity and what they can withstand. Doing this is very likely to harm the child in the name of love." For now, He Yide seem to enjoy the ride. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) FIVE-YEAR-OLD HE YIDE SAYING: "The level of danger in the front is higher than in the back. The person in the front has to drive, and it's really fun." Others in China defend Liesheng. Worried that China's one-child policy has created spoiled children, they're praising this 'Eagle Dad' for pushing his son to reach for the sky.

China's controversial 'tough love' dad makes toddler son fly small plane

Wednesday, Sep 04, 2013 - 01:31

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