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Polls in Australia signal Abbot election win

Friday, Sep 06, 2013 - 01:46

Sept. 6 - With hours to go before Australians vote in federal election, polls signal that Liberal National leader Tony Abbot is set to win with a clear majority. Sarah Toms reports.

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Australians who can't make it to the polls on Saturday, cast an early ballot. But with hours to go until the federal election officially opens, pollsters say the result is already foregone conclusion.....Tony Abbot's Liberal-National party is set to beat incumbent Kevin Rudd with a clear majority. (SOUNDBITE) (English) NILAR ALOM, FINANCIAL ADVISOR SAYING: "Labor's had a chance for six years. Let's see what the Liberals can do." Abbot's coalition favours tough border controls, lower taxes and a smaller government. But poltical analysts say there is little to choose between the two parties. (SOUNDBITE)(English) EVA COX, SOCIAL POLICY LECTURER UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, SYDNEY SAYING: "The distinction between sort of left and right which has been one of the sort of basics of most western politics for a very long time is very unclear and I think the result is that people are just trying to work out 'what's in it for me?' because that's what they are being sold on. They are turning voters into consumers, into customers, you know 'pssst, vote for us, we've got the best bargain for you at the present.' And I think people don't like that they actually want a bit of a sense of leadership and where we're going and what we're doing and so you've got very disillusioned, very cynical, very disconnected voters and I've not seen that before." Voters may be disillusioned with both parties and the negative campaign they've pursued...but they're also sick of political squabbling within the ruling Labor party. Kevin Rudd ousted Prime Minister Julia Gillard from the ruling Labor Party in June. The move reinvigorated the campaign but as Labor infighting continued more voters swung to Abbot's coalition. And out on the streets of Sydney, the question is not who will win but by how much.

Polls in Australia signal Abbot election win

Friday, Sep 06, 2013 - 01:46

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