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Breakingviews: Morgan Stanley's alumni

Friday, Sep 06, 2013 - 03:30

Sept. 6 - Richard Beales and Breakingviews editors discuss why ex-Morgan Stanley bankers start a lot of boutiques and what that says about the Wall Street firm.

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We have missed -- -- deal Verizon buying out Vodafone and from Verizon Wireless. Very and usually an individual named as an advisor Paul Herman who used to work at Morgan Stanley. Got us thinking about these alarms from all instantly especially if dominant thing that's just weird coincidence that we can't really. Kind of gotten the bottle but it seems like a lot of boutique firms a lot of independent firms. Have been started by people that came out of Morgan Stanley don't know it's coincidence that I mean we've you know we ran through Michael's -- Simon wrote the -- -- Did you go to back to Eric gleacher and there's a real long list of them probably -- -- -- scientific but probably more than any -- -- -- -- think that is set in in recent years and he should -- rights when he she got Credit Suisse first -- as to what I've. Yet to settlement. Festival Gerry credit freeze on -- morality left to set up with results from exits jurisdiction most jobs. Busting. And that again is that moment -- two dozen fronts of cents a and try to control my guess is another alumni of -- that's that was twelve -- -- that's a bit of history when he -- frank you know he's never all of this is an idea of the sort of as Morgan Stanley pedigree or whatever history that has led to a lot of -- Muslim world when questioned in as well as the good -- -- -- -- kind of reflects well -- in one sense that in another since it means that rain makers are leaving and they haven't seen that. Puts -- much at least anecdotally with Goldman for does that -- that says three of the ones you've left more recently says especially at how men and men that your product. Eight years ago they -- -- in part because -- -- -- because they had they were seniors -- haven't had a big problem with guys that's helpful. It all right now and it's just wasn't fat free choice completeness -- succession planning -- getting home we've we've you'll see new executive -- is say. That's a little bit of my nonetheless -- -- still has this kind of -- it and manage them much that so I guess the question becomes sort of you know we say it reflects well. At the same time there's there's a possible opportunity cost there you know -- -- -- -- -- is having Morgenstern was on the Verizon deal anyway. Well it was kind of got out of credit but it's it's kind of an affront to me with a number as the -- -- read this piece for us. Was looking at the gap in the league tables -- Goldman and Morgan Stanley and I go to the amount of deals that believes -- Founded by phone remotely Stanley bankers have done and it you know more incentive -- number two to Goldman and and if you could -- banked everything he's been to -- done most certainly would be number ones this kind of get a little bit of fun it's an -- -- you know synonymous like that means that they -- -- to be that wrecked -- -- if you if you that the other. Some of its senior executives of some Hispanic guys to other firms that. Medical picks -- the head of Carol healthcare this week for example. Says that was -- people don't believe it's just that yes there is this is it doesn't really I don't know if that's sort of an entrepreneurial spirit that maybe comes out of -- I don't know where you know I don't know what about the culture there. Foster is that it it seems like Leo and that's for and that's probably on balance probably a good -- a better thing. For what even for people who are still within the firm. I would think more than that the negative. Of these guys haven't yet let me Vista that still number tool boxing from the moment Goldman Sachs and all the time so it's it's it's not like he's trying but yet sits in setting interest in this -- thing tonight. But it will leave that. -- executive morally Stanley and Goldman Sachs and we'll have more breaking news for you next week.

Breakingviews: Morgan Stanley's alumni

Friday, Sep 06, 2013 - 03:30

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