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How the U.S. military could take out Assad's chemical arsenal

Monday, Sep 09, 2013 - 02:05

The U.S. has developed a special class of ''agent defeat weapons'' designed to destroy Syria's nerve gas stockpiles from the air, without putting people nearby at risk.

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If we -- Fuel with a high degree of certainty that we knew the locations of a significant amount of the chemical weapons stockpile. There might be an attempt to neutralize them all -- Agent a few weapons are designed to you. Destroy chemical and biological stockpiles in a manner that does not. Release the agents or otherwise contaminate the surrounding areas to any great degree the primary one were talking about his Sarin gas and -- -- space. Nerve gas is designed to basically be lethal long content. The current weapons available or. Bombs -- be dropped from aircraft and precision guided onto their targets at the known. Chemical weapons were fabrication plants. Or. Ward stockpiles the most basic ways simply to shred the container that the agent is contained in side. And allowed the chemical or biological agents you escape and dissipate. Incendiary agents or the other more common ailment that. Uses high intensity he should destroy the agent we're talking about thousands of injuries there. These weapons could be delivered from most of via. Single seat strike aircraft to the US air force has such as the F fifteen or sixteen but they'd also be dropped by XB OB two stealth bomber -- -- -- one ball. As we've all airstrikes the difficulty is always knowing where your targets are. It's very unclear where in the Syrian government may be storing there chemical weapons stockpiles they could easily be dispersed -- operational units or had. Smaller depots scattered across the country and unless you can have. A high degree of certainty that the agent will be destroyed it's much more likely that when they talk about degrading series capabilities they will be trying to target. Mechanisms for delivering those weapons such as missile batteries and artillery sites.

How the U.S. military could take out Assad's chemical arsenal

Monday, Sep 09, 2013 - 02:05

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