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The big money betting on Apple

Monday, Sep 09, 2013 - 02:22

It's not just tech geeks awaiting this week's announcements from Apple. Carl Icahn, George Soros, David Einhorn and even Apple-critic Jeffrey Gundlach are among the big investors who are hoping for big returns if Apple can get back its product mojo. Reuters' Jennifer Ablan breaks down Apple's big money.

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It's not just take -- awaiting Apple's big announcements on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cement its fund managers have a lot riding on Apple's new phone creations having funneled money into outlook shares currently this year. Betting that there was still think you slept in the stock. So who are the big names with the most riding on Apple's big announcements. Noted stock picker and beyond who government of Omega advisors reentered -- -- the second quarter -- apple. Fell below 400 dollars find 31000 scared. Used it pretty well so far having sold 266000. Shares of the company in the fourth quarter of 2012. As the stocks sell off with -- feet. George Soros is also betting on. His -- up to state -- 40000 shares to almost 70000. Here's the second quarter. There's his seal of approval of signals strong support of the company's management. How much bigger stake is held by billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn. He pleaded odd is that he had taken a large business apple and that the company shares were extremely undervalued. He told an interview that he believes the stock could be worth as much as 700 dollars to share its chief executive Tim -- puts our largest stock buyback. Cook an icon are planning to meet for dinner later this month. A source familiar with the matters that Icahn's stake was worth around billion dollars. David I'm Lawrence green -- capital also -- -- -- position apple and wheat from the company's planned vote next blockbuster product. Einhorn has some serious skin in the game holding nearly 2.4. Million shares at the end of the second quarter. He's one of Apple's biggest critics Geoffrey -- like a double line -- shares in the company. I spoke double line on Monday and the -- me that they got to apple around 405 this year as markets for suggesting that the long tradition of innovation for apple was dead. But god wants for fund manager Brent stallings told me that seem like that dire prediction. Right now apple shares are trading about 500 dollars and big masters or right. It fits in nice -- if you look at unveils faster cheaper or hold versions of -- And a partnership with China Mobile to top things off.

The big money betting on Apple

Monday, Sep 09, 2013 - 02:22

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