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Breakingviews: Surprise! Glencore quadruples target

Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 - 03:51

Sept. 10 - The miner-trader expects $2 billion of savings next year from its Xstrata takeover. The initial goal was clearly undercooked, says Breakingviews.

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Right sounds today's breaking news some some impressive savings for doing -- digging pretty deep from Xstrata Kevin Allison -- to bring these blow whistles chorus joins it. I'm two billion they said initially bought 350000400. Million from. Did they know back then it was going to be two -- probably know managing expectations. Way way back in in late January early February of last year when the deal was first announced as a merger between Xstrata and going accord they said they thought they could get 500 million of savings. Like you -- a little over 400 million from marketing synergies that the companies could make by selling their stuff together through the -- -- trading machine. And then just fifty million of cost savings. Well fast forward to today it's a takeover with -- Glaus and -- -- not Mick Davis from Xstrata and suddenly I have -- found two billion of cost savings and this year it's surprising run out -- a vast majority of it from from cutting -- costs and not just from. Yet let's talk about dot com. Savings yes green -- products being closed down right time. Savings from ongoing projects -- is quite remarkable. How much is being pulled out. To the detriment of Friday's starter because it. That's right so two big category is theirs first theirs they're not doing as many future projects that savings it's gonna come out of their future capex targets. Several billion dollars then there's the savings that they're getting from from cutting out extraneous offices smashing together they Xstrata and the going -- head office. And and a regional level in places like Australia -- eliminating this kind of layer of management offices that Xstrata. So and then even the mind level operationally there stopping miners who are working on very expensive production. And vast majority of the cots are coming from the all the strong operation. The market clearly likes -- where rob offer an. But this fat -- now could it could become invited him in the future. Well I suppose there's still the issue of how it works culturally sensitive to be taking the -- way but I think -- core might argue that. What they're doing is eliminating mainly management and that at the operational level although they're paying -- People could see those cuts as those you why they're important to the business meanwhile your -- eliminating some bureaucracy in management levels that. -- or just felt weren't really necessary. Playing corps in the merger has there in the takeover really. Has typically been putting their own people in charge while leaving some of the extra assets of the operating level run by the old Xstrata people. They just haven't found a need for this middle layer manager below Mick Davis who who were there either in London or perhaps regionally. Acting as a concentration. I just that is -- and what did they. Promises of more cost savings account -- welcome we expect how much people with a guy who plays by -- well so far on the operational costs which are a big chunk of the costs along with an office that only really well advanced in the whole part of Xstrata now that's a big part of the business probably the biggest source of of operational savings that they'll have. But they haven't gotten as far in the operational savings and things like copper nickel -- the other kind of base metals businesses so. Although they're not giving specific targets the implication is that. This may be here this is a larger target that was originally announced much larger. It's larger than mark was expecting. But that there's potentially even more cost savings to come as they tape it's fine tooth comb through the other operations okay forget Kevin and things that can analysis for more -- setting in site. What's our US bring the show everyday atrocities and 1730 PST. So truffles is sources.

Breakingviews: Surprise! Glencore quadruples target

Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 - 03:51

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