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Breakingviews: iPhone's wrong number

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 - 03:21

DescriptionSept. 11 - Jeffrey Goldfarb and Breakingviews columnists discuss how innovations from Apple in its new smartphones were lost on investors, who erased some $40 billion of the company's value.

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Apples to new iPhone Atlanta with a massive flood in the stock market forty billion dollars in market value wiped out of trees apple. Expectations were very high for some innovative new stuff. Our rob -- we actually think that there was more there on the market seems to have noticed but to health talk us through a little little food and. But they keep things they they basically beat dads their existing they're calling it -- I've seen better in the -- very upset because -- market was expecting a cheaper version for China. It's it's basically with five minutes it's it's cheaper. And then me the bigger news perhaps is the their newfound beef bypass and what that does it it's got a much faster processors. And then also it's got this nifty feature on its proper recognition so that what it does is that he can't open it unless it again. It's classic apple the sense that fingerprint readers have been around. But the question is whether or not this won't get it adopted a bigger way and start it and it'll certainly work for the corporate. It because you think I mean I mean if you look at my past her Italian air -- it it's basically very easy wanted to figure out. And companies don't like that because especially if you have sensitive information you know people leave their phone. All the time and -- on that and vote to working and you go to. As it's not a math problem and our marriage or serious problem right now is probably as he's. Apple it didn't invent this -- thus want to be able to put together. Didn't invent music I debacles that made the rest of what it is definitely -- them like that which it the the fingerprint stuff that's gonna -- -- that the conflict could make big in -- I think eleven point is that -- these things that lawless thing for. It. But it -- was it. Different -- but in the primitive product to watch TV you know we've we've made it that's a big may have come with mobile payments and in this bit right -- reader may actually is that. It's one thing over the market is really worried about the margins here I guess right I mean that's of whether or not the margins on these new phones. Are you are gonna bring the bring Apple's rob Bartlett there markets worried about two mutually contradictory -- the intelligence going to be a problem. All applicants. It's kinda say the reaction is -- and Phillips is still keep it up. But yet Dickinson for example on his appearances this is that is at -- -- But provide -- slightly -- -- the -- Richard Wright gets a partly note that Fazio at least as little plastic which is something you look at them. -- should offer higher margins. Because it basically is mostly. Their existing -- As a product rolls out the margins tend to get hire part time in the third the price goes down that you're able to make of the money to these phones that should be the same case here. Yeah I think people are missing is that the new phone has also. They're all floating some of the pictures like that gyroscope the -- harder. And what this is this is it held it there they're looking at a watch his blog this information will be will be obviously and if apple does throw a lot of watchers teams -- at all. This is the type of thing that immunity before they were a lot to watch. Our we will obviously keep the -- on apple and be back with more for you tomorrow.

Breakingviews: iPhone's wrong number

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 - 03:21

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