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No ‘silver bullet’ for cyber attacks - BAE Systems Detica

Thursday, Sep 12, 2013 - 04:22

Sept. 12 - There is no universal solution against cyber attacks, which have evolved from the actions of lone actors to state sponsored groups, says BAE Systems Detica cyber strategy director Scott McVicar.

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The and exhibition in -- -- joining me now thanks coming at him so he drags him to sign the security at being easiest -- -- -- advantage just imagine joining us. -- -- -- -- -- Happening nature in distress is changing. Yes I guess that's our Bruins in many ways they knew. From some of them custom fields and in many ways it looks and intelligence have -- engagements. And kind of tools we see behind us here. Sense and intelligence picture. Anyway Don Imus can make that -- let's understand this intense and so -- can -- effectively and efficiently as us. And I guess who run the -- and -- nineteen messages received tremendous speed a little better evaluation. Let's go back even in recent years threatens to find the right. That's actually I -- children. Bragging rights I guess it's only. Significantly. And it's nice expensive as far. Sources at its disposal. The end there. There's Fraser investment our anniversary. So traditionally this threat is being. And on stations dry -- For business intelligence in order to steel fabrication and commercial environments or. Some stage. Increasingly we're seeing a convergence. -- all right see lands. Thanks production capabilities. That the stress is moving with. Boards need Jim thanks and attacking large production facilities. In -- just see inhibit production. This former offensive lines such. As I dropped stocks are up next on your clients coming to you for. Yes -- cyber defense really relies on a range of different type capabilities. New Zealand Sony's console there's no silver balloons. You need to see and love for him for months we have for -- so. Employs these services are friends to help organizations understand the nature of threats and replace Sandra. Switch -- TV business enabling. Phillips and services such as these contaminants -- capable -- Sam -- and intelligence they should just let me on the stage. -- that instant response. -- asking -- amazes consultancy is an advisory is at risk balance. USA -- close and trying to find the latest trend we're seeing is that any initial engagement -- -- one particular capability but actually. We need and requirement and that makes things from and I'm sensitive instant dances -- understates member capabilities are required to. This is just one thing I'm loving this and keep them and they see that to happen talents person -- -- in the UK we certainly do. So we gave you my news and I'm. He who has the best technological resources to schools who's gonna win. Education system UK sales tremendously good. Music companies are seeking to 200 branches this year MIT from -- answer from physics disciplines. Moves around well. I'm -- to achieve success things that we take into business we're throwing this into the concept to name sub -- so. Moving emotional something you can educate -- university to. -- lending principles and skills that we. Available on each unit within our business with him just to finish up. This again ADP SEI com I'm stunned many of the delegates get to describe the atmosphere in was -- -- -- cuts cunning. Besides this kid he's facing more because would you use to describe 2014 ancestors in the real -- in the real vibrancy. Really -- I think it is. -- -- -- -- it is capturing the imagination. And it -- senior level. Organizations you can understand the significance of the strides we've -- Reflecting on Sunday and today. I can't even then my thanks disgusting big cats from BE systems that's how I'm and seeing all this -- -- basis.

No ‘silver bullet’ for cyber attacks - BAE Systems Detica

Thursday, Sep 12, 2013 - 04:22

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