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One word that can fix Obama's second term: China

Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 - 02:15

Obama needs to borrow a play from Richard Nixon and go to Beijing, says U.S. presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. A deal on carbon emissions with China, Brinkley says, would help turn his second term around.

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-- your President Obama right now you've got to go international. You've got to say how -- make -- US trade relations stronger with other countries. What you don't want to do his -- be trapped in the White House you don't want every week to be in a fight. With the congress particularly when -- dislikes you as much as this one does I would. -- Richard Nixon. 1972. Nixon did in an election year but I would go to China. Try to really work on that down US. Chinese relations. I think that's going to be just to keep for the future I think there's a lot that can be done there. And he can do that in a second term it would be a major feather in his cap thus far there seems to be kind of a flat line in US Chinese relations for the last twenty years. The president needs to cut somehow change that -- what do people care about all the caring about the economy in a big part of our economy is going to be a China. Yet there seems to be on the -- of miscommunication. Between. Beijing and Washington we have trouble with their pollution. Chinese are awful can we curb some of that is there a way to help on the climate change issue with US working with China and something. And so I think there's an opportunity to get out because he -- -- around the world by and large Barack Obama he is the Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is a good speaker. Well he's perfect -- state -- -- then he has great -- of race. But all those who represents -- country well I think you've got to do that Purdue and in a dramatic way that you've got to get a few concrete things out of it he can come up with. Some sort of deal on all nations with China for example would do it in Beijing and cut cut cut a couple deals with them I think. It will help his foreign policy. That's something he can do. He can do it on his own doesn't need congress doesn't have to -- holes to do -- and oh let's hope he can kind of -- capture people's imagination. We capture but it can't do listen to some something concrete these last couple.

One word that can fix Obama's second term: China

Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 - 02:15

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