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Hello Kitty jet makes first flight to U.S.

Friday, Sep 20, 2013 - 01:13

Sep 19 - Taiwan's EVA Air tries to bring fun back to airplane travel as one of its Hello Kitty themed jets makes its first flight to Los Angeles. Roselle Chen reports.

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Taiwan's EVA Airways flew its Hello Kitty themed airplane into Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 18). The aircraft, painted with Hello Kitty characters on its exterior, also comes with Hello Kitty boarding passes and rows of seats adorned with the cat character. The food matches the feline theme - as does the toilet paper. The Boeing 777 was piloted by EVA Air's chairman, KW Chang, who also happens to be the airline's chief mechanic. Chang is still interested in making airplane travel a treat. SOUNDBITE: KW Chang, Eva Airways Chairman and pilot of the first Hello Kitty flight to Los Angeles, saying (English): "I think that flying really isn't a comfortable or enjoyable thing, so I try my best to make it more fun." A powerhouse brand, Hello Kitty is part of a multi-billion dollar franchise of Japan's Sanrio Company. Right now the airline will sport the Hello Kitty theme on three of its flights between L.A. and Taipei and already has five Hello Kitty jets in service flying between Asian countries. It seems that for one cat the sky is not the limit.

Hello Kitty jet makes first flight to U.S.

Friday, Sep 20, 2013 - 01:13

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