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Iranians welcome Rouhani speech

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013 - 01:37

Sept. 25 - Tehran residents and media see president's U.N. address and U.S. reaction in a positive light. Paul Chapman reports.

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On the streets of Tehran the new Iranian president's debut speech to the United Nations is going down well. Hassan Rouhani's pledged Iran's willingness to take part in talks on its disputed nuclear programme. The overture's being cautiously welcomed by U.S. President Barack Obama. Rouhani's offering no new concessions but the Iranian media appears to view the tone of his speech as hopeful Residents in Tehran also say they view his speech and the U.S. response positively. (SOUNDBITE)(Farsi) MR RABIE, RESIDENT, SAYING: "I think President Rouhani has convinced other countries to engage in negotiations based on mutual respect. He made it clear that he is seeking an ideal relationship with other nations." (SOUNDBITE)(Farsi) MR ATASHGHADR, RESIDENT, SAYING: "I hope the U.S. takes this opportunity and we are also wise to make the most of this occasion. I hope we make the most of this." In Jerusalem where Rouhani's been criticised for failing to renounce his predecessor's doubts the Holocaust happened, there were mixed feelings. Rouhani did say, in a tv interview, that the Nazis had committed a reprehensible and condemnable crime against the Jewish people. (SOUNDBITE)(English) ROBERT BLACK, JERUSALEM RESIDENT, SAYING: "It's pleasing that the Iranian has actually admitted that six million of our Jewish ancestors perished in the Holocaust. That was very kind of him so I suppose that is an improvement on the previous regime." (SOUNDBITE)(English) LOIS LEIBOWITZ, JERUSALEM RESIDENT, SAYING: "We'll have to wait and see if things have really changed before we decide that things have changed." Rouhani said it was up to historians to determine the scale of the Holocaust.

Iranians welcome Rouhani speech

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013 - 01:37

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