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Europe optimism trumps emerging markets gloom - EY

Thursday, Sep 26, 2013 - 03:36

Sept. 26 - Optimism over the recovery in Europe outweighs what will only be a small slowdown in emerging markets, says EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner Jay Nibbe at the 30th Oxford Analytica conference.

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Where -- Oxford analyst at global horizons conference mirroring Christ's church Jane at the is -- and young's. Managing partner of markets in the emea region and that includes the online for India. While you'll clients' spending more this year -- lost. Well they're certainly starting to see an uptick in economic activity and so as a result of that they're changing what they're doing I do think that authors. Optimism returning. To Europe as it comes at a reception now while it's been so -- counterbalanced by what's going on in the emerging markets -- the slowness there. We really haven't seen them it's been in last we actually see almost a repositioning now. Where they're investing now where they're putting resources. Where they're trying to drive the business and where all the biggest opportunities some sectors. Tracked. Well I still think that the emerging markets are pretty appealing worst of MC five 6% growth in the emerging markets. Which currency investment in consumer products. Financial services sector's strength and in most parts of the world. And you continues -- a bit of an up -- in manufacturing. Not only here in Europe but obviously anything that's connected and the US recovery. -- starting -- is starting to see some dividends paid off and economic growth. And -- tapering from the -- That's confidence in them mr. Well I think that the Fed did is trying to move cautiously. I I didn't see anything that would indicate that the movement away from. Their announced position I think that they've always been clear about the timing. And in so that's I think what we've seen in the markets react in that the timing might be a bit later than they anticipated. Do you worry when you look at the record -- some -- -- -- house prices. In countries like UK when you when you look at. Shadow banking systems in the growth of fat GQ. To Rory five years on from Lehman -- That would really getting thousands of troubling. Yeah I I think that what's happened is that I think. The regulators in the regulatory environment responded to the crisis of 2000 and I think there's a lot of regulations have been put in place to try to stabilize things. Part of this is a recovery from a natural and pretty severe recession. And so the recovery is pretty natural that it would happen were not seen any signs that would indicate any kind of bubbles. Appearing I think that the you know the the regulators. And economists everywhere watched more closely to make sure that those signs appear that the probably react more quickly. In terms of of trying to moderate them so what is just the things -- what what is the biggest risk for the economy -- fourteen. I'm I do think that watching the emerging markets. A bit so you know the slowdown wasn't unexpected is you start to see the dollar strengthened and some of those implications but I do think that watching. The stability of the emerging markets and then making certain that there aren't any hiccups. You know what happens with that the debt showdown in the US that that has the potential to make the markets nervous. You know elections and changes in in policy. In Europe. But I I think that. It's a confidence issue more than than -- of the fundamentals. Moment in and that and I do think we're gonna see. Some continued strong growth in the emerging markets and so I'm not anticipating that that's gonna create in the majors. All right Jamie thanks so. If that's it from me -- proposed sources.

Europe optimism trumps emerging markets gloom - EY

Thursday, Sep 26, 2013 - 03:36

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