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Tesla, Tata equal tough times for GM

Friday, Sep 27, 2013 - 01:52

General Motors faces a future challenged by emerging car companies such as Tata abroad and innovative firms such as Tesla in the U.S., says GM Vice Chairman Stephen Girsky.

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Motorists that put together a group of executives to study -- that's the electric carmaker winning praise from reviewers Ford's vehicles. And it bans on Wall Street at that stock has risen more than 400% this year. GM vice chairman Stephen -- -- joins us to talk about this. The auto maker's strategy and focus on innovation good to see you here thanks thanks for now to big company like GM studying up. Carmaker like tax surely you can't be worried that -- Well Tesla is challenging basically the entire automotive business -- stance today. We have a hundred years of history. In some cases that history is good in other cases that maybe baggage they're challenging the mile from cars sold. How their service how their engineers and how they're actually put together and we want to evaluate democracy as many things we should be changing. When we decide whether there is something that should be changed -- Chia. Will look at all pieces of a model and if there are changes to be made. We will make them over time. As appropriate with that include the dealership -- We look it all the time are there better ways to retail our cars who support our dealers and help our dealers that retailer are so. And we're looking from cradle to grave. At this approach. Would test for the more out of concern then say Ford. Well it's interesting you mention that because. One of our arguments is the next five years will be a lot tougher than the last spot because the last five we only deal with Ford Volkswagen Toyota in the existing players. The next five you've got new players. New emerging players like that G leads to tot -- from these new markets. As well as the innovative players like Tesla and even Google is looking at building self driving cars aren't General Motors vice chairman -- escape thanks so much -- can -- I'm Rhonda -- this is writers.

Tesla, Tata equal tough times for GM

Friday, Sep 27, 2013 - 01:52

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