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Breakingviews: Does Berlusconi chaos mask silver lining?

Monday, Sep 30, 2013 - 03:56

Sept. 30 - Once again, Silvio Berlusconi is pushing Italy to the edge and inflicting likely short-term pain. But his move could also accelerate a much-needed process of political change, says Breakingviews.

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So really got -- Berlusconi pushes -- to the edge again. And as the UK gears up for elections in eighteen months which party can come up with the west sets of policies. And SP -- that would house about both of these sort. Solid listening. Insisting that take you what you take on this on the elements take on this that the potential silver lining. If you've got the patience to hang on and it seems -- -- and applications that. He would the other markets have been looking through the oncoming rush of crisis in Italy. I'm much -- it and looking for the upcoming Russian crisis in the US but at some point. Even investors who have decided that this isn't a problem suddenly changed their mind. And our our take has been for months that it really needs a good crisis helpful crisis to get itself on track after many years truly dysfunctional politics. So far we have a perfect example Italian dysfunctional politics. And not just -- at the of the Berlusconi level but we just lost chief of it takes the sound hollow threat and we're about to lose a chief of that teleconference how via. It's. We have abandoned the perfect storm is coming together as it. For a we hoped for but it is strange and get the store -- -- clearing afterwards is probably a question well I mean let's face it we've been hit a -- -- -- -- me in a different way but it's not what makes you think this storm now. Is big enough to Alter the landscape again. The hope is that in the Nash at the national level you're dealing with a 77 year old politician -- finally being caught up with for his criminal activities. And perhaps this will mark the end of the Berlusconi era and the beginning of a normal European are -- center left party in a center right party. That are not personality driven by -- car accident politically driven. I'm at the corporate level. We're hoping that at some point soon they're very. Intricate corporate level corporate intrigues. Intricate intrigues of large of time corporations with. Established political cultural forces like the -- out here on that -- he still have too much influence on the banks. And that shareholder groups still too much influence on calm things like -- cartel idea. Are going to now face up to economic reality and start to become more standard business oriented it's hope. Meanwhile an 86 or a president is going to hold it over yet only sensible man -- its complexities of this all right let's go to the UK -- UK politicians -- to the -- -- policies the Ukraine lacks leadership as a strong message that comes to a on this. I mean it's it's astounding isn't -- yeah I wish. Would you really nice to be sitting here and say. Italians look north to the UK and perhaps you should write your country that know that despite the lack of billionaire lecherous criminals at the top of the UK political system recently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're the race is well will come up with helped to buy which is that your -- can make house prices rise even worse levels. Labor counters with. Fuel subsidies that defined market reality. And then to Tories come back with help to buy advance and faster and be at unemployment in nonissue. Non dealing with policies. It just sounds that mirror fall just dreadful politicians. Never statesman never leaders. We've got to bring Margaret Thatcher's time into somebody somewhere we will bring my heart and that's how we knew it what. However much when dislikes her and she certainly has. See us all right everybody says he's -- course on the breaking news website thanks to ride what how to ask the war agenda setting its sight what's our US -- -- show every day properties and seventeen Freddie GMC Robert BS -- I'm actually -- it.

Breakingviews: Does Berlusconi chaos mask silver lining?

Monday, Sep 30, 2013 - 03:56

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