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Uninsured, and Obamacare may not help

Monday, Sep 30, 2013 - 04:43

Leslie and William Johnson have struggled to secure health insurance coverage for their family, especially for their 16-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, who has been plagued with medical problems since birth. But as residents of Mississippi, the Johnsons are worried that they might not get much relief under the new Affordable Care Act. They talk about life in health insurance-limbo.

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We have no mention. Can be found it she's an uninsured since June 2000. Because of her. Improvement actually if she doesn't qualify for the disabled child at home and we may need to mention me or. And Medicaid. -- -- -- She was almost bottom bit for them. -- -- on this sort of fell vast amount of Molly and he said in majors third green. And basically came ears. She -- donors. It displayed here. He needs an additional surgeries now. She's been treated and lose them Oklahoma. Alabama. Georgia all by specialist. He campaigned very hard for me go to college and is it. And all that because I don't have the equipment you think. Let's go off my engine and it's and -- Lots of planes challenges -- meanwhile president. I'm just on. Regular Medicaid for several years -- we found out about the disabled child home program which is now based UConn -- based on her. Healthy she's. So we've been on the program for about five years. Without we we had to re apply every year but that's because she was eligible for -- and -- we've which they. 2000. Well I think she can fit nation unqualified she had major surgery to correct terms currently at this. And seven that they should no longer qualify for the disabled child program or Medicaid. And as this point we're still fighting -- -- Medicaid. But the end self employed this. If I -- a certain amount of money per month then they can grow the program we made. -- -- Victory when people when you. We've got time for the. Pre existing condition. This without. I don't under a runner under Obama care. That they were taking new application. And it. And Medicaid that no matter. That's not pre -- fifty conditions and I think that they not. Cuban called under that program because. They don't accept Medicaid now monitors. That's -- you can't get insurance because entry if you. Ever back to square. As we've been bad on this in. These -- sixteen years her. You know with -- Medicaid and you know you're aware that an -- to an extra hours overtime in the girl. Good job try to get insurance pre existing. You know I can't -- -- Good job and our. You know. And then you know I hear rumors from other people -- minutes. The corporates. This is my daughters felt their insurer. To go up too much you know so we're play a whole variety and you played all three years from now because. Of what my daughter calls insurers which helps their. So Medicaid expansion really well lately city. You know from my daughter -- have treatment and it's hard if somebody down the road test of faith or you know up a notch here. Over the years before she was able. You know I was I was nearly thirty years old school them first job overall -- years up paper somebody else's. I'm not sure how expanding Medicaid. Would be a solution for offering insurance to adults are people who -- of eighteen and prepare for the children. It doesn't really work. Don't bomb -- to answer you know. And it's hard penalize somebody. Or. You know and an extra tax on them -- they can afford that in my opinion. You know everybody's situation is it for everybody says there's not going to be one Murphy. You know system Obama care system of forever. You know we tried to get her hand under the pre existing condition. Rattle for the -- and then was already out of money. So how does that or. If it's if he had started their already have money.

Uninsured, and Obamacare may not help

Monday, Sep 30, 2013 - 04:43

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