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Which retailers will have a happy holiday and which won’t

Monday, Oct 07, 2013 - 03:45

Oct 7 - What’s in store for teen retailers & J.C. Penney this holiday season and what will be the must-have gift? Lisa Bernhard and Thomson Reuters retail analyst Jharonne Martis run down the forecast for the winners and losers.

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I'm up part of Times Square -- major battleground from holiday shopping their race is not take your dollar and we've -- the -- is going to fall off a -- It retails around -- is here with the answers at 815 space. Massive competition there in between Arab American Eagle what do you see if retailers. Well I have my mind that have been feeling the markets and out of the eighth have on him. It's American -- Back I'll analysts believe that Ellis won't. -- profits that last year's holiday. If you wanna look at Atlantic season focusing a lot Urban Outfitters people that this they have these things are L and I read the universe. -- wet -- those aren't my way. What is he doing right and others to do wrong. Well and -- -- as a that the days you can use of the things that. Eighteen. Things -- as an act like you have more of them almost unique talent -- I'm wearing expensive. Analogy really is and is it a big name in the headlines on a year JC Penney had got to ask you about them let's head down story house and check out. You got. I think the whole thing you -- phone in -- income. -- -- I mean. -- right we made it any questions on it. Well what you need to get people weren't that can make a break season and that's very important for them to bring it choppers right now this is because they have. Most analysts think -- -- that they are not. Translating into sales back when I accurate analysts. Believe its earnings perspective you course. I don't lots of dollars thanks for the call -- -- the strategy now consumer. New brands and very quickly Fannie and existing that they went to the favorite Metallica. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it let me tell you one economic data back since. Every well and I'll. Let them. And they believe that the government shut -- we'll look back then got married and their pockets. I thought gaming gadget next. We'll move on these. Being done. I mean and. He's right front left stuff GameStop is that it the first stop for a lot of shoppers absolutely and it's always up and holiday season and -- And -- of them and and tactics is expected in the top five when something else. Aren't what is that if that everybody is in decline in fighting each other -- to get their hands on the evening just love and brand that I don't -- exactly are not that we're consistently. You probably need love is in the game and of course not not not -- all eyes are very popular in the what's making a lot of there is that you had that coming out. I we've got on foot today but a lot of folks out there -- wanna be doing this. What's hot in the virtual world and the -- that's one of the most. Rates in the SP 500. And all of my Netflix. Which is going to be given have to find Martinis are also having popular already come out -- and it went off that place. I think you are right patients it is in the game that's.

Which retailers will have a happy holiday and which won’t

Monday, Oct 07, 2013 - 03:45

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