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Obama & Boehner: dance partners out of step

Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013 - 01:50

President Obama and Speaker Boehner try to choreograph an end to the 9-day government shutdown, but remain deeply at odds over how to kick start negotiations.

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Think about it this way. You don't get a chance to call your bank and say am -- gonna pay my mortgage this month -- -- you -- an Xbox. That's not how negotiations work. The president said today it was if there's unconditional surrender by Republicans he'll sit down talk. That's not the way our government. -- you all know radical call the president United States this morning. Will say it was a pleasant conversation. Although I I have to say I was disappointed. That the president refuses. To negotiate but I also told them that. Having such a conversation. Talks negotiations. Shouldn't require hanging in the threats of a government shutdown or economic chaos. Over the heads that the senate government and president are history. That did not negotiate over the -- Never not once. So my suggestion the speaker has been and will continue to be let's stop the excuses. Let's take a vote in the house. -- and they shut down right now we'll put people back to work I wanna have a conversation. I'm drawing lines and says it's time for the rest of us -- -- -- -- different and so they want to do that reopen the government. Extend the Betsy one. If they can't do it for a long time good for the period of time which these negotiations taking place to the president's position that. Listen we're not going to us about Clark do until you surrender. Is just not sustain its not our system of government. This is not just for me it's also my successors in office whatever party that they should have to pay a ransom either for congress doing. It's basic job. Got put stop to it.

Obama & Boehner: dance partners out of step

Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013 - 01:50

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